its only 8-10 hours

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User Info: Lilrosco

7 years ago#21
Hmm 8-10 hours sound pretty good to me.
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User Info: tconslayer

7 years ago#22

yea eight to ten hours on the lowest difficulty this game is going to rock.

User Info: slit_your_gutz

7 years ago#23
Do we know how many levels it has yet?

User Info: ddd87

7 years ago#24
15 missions are confirmed, some are optionals

User Info: gr295

7 years ago#25

If there are optional missions, you would have to take a different path through the story a second or maybe even third time to unlock all of the missions. If it's 8-10 hours doing it like that, i'm gonna be ticked. Or, the second time could mean the story lasts like 20-30 hours...sweet!:)

User Info: bladester15

7 years ago#26
Yeah, they said there would be different paths to take, so you'll problably be playing those missions more than one time.
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