So uh...I think I suck at The Conduit.

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User Info: RyokoWins

7 years ago#11
I think the Conduit gods must be rewarding me for being humble. I JUST GOT MY FIRST 20 KILL STREAK! Yaaaaaay! Strike rifle+Pentagon=t3h 1337.
I apologize for whatever I just said.

User Info: Z1LVER12

7 years ago#12
Average for me is Killing Spree

User Info: FEStrata

7 years ago#13
Average glitching killstreak for me is over 100.

Legit is around 20s since most games are explosive+marathon. I never get those awesome games where there aren't any glitchers or hackers, plus, I've lost my skill back when I first played.

When I was good was around 40-50
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User Info: Brudachris

7 years ago#14

My kill to death ratio is 1.54, and i don't and have never used target lock. I don't glitch or cheat either. My best kill streak was 37 with the scar rifle on Sanctum. BMz is my conduit name.

User Info: ocarinaoftasi

7 years ago#15
I feel the same way. I hear people going 100-10 and I'm like "WTF". My highest killstreak is 29. ._. I really think some people are BSing though.

User Info: ocarinaoftasi

7 years ago#16
Wait, it was 35. Forgot about the SCAR on Streets ^_^

User Info: Z1LVER12

7 years ago#17
My best killing streak 27 with a Shotgun

User Info: OwesYouMoney

7 years ago#18

BMz hmmmmmm, i think ive gone up against you before.

User Info: Xenozoa425

7 years ago#19
60-0 on TR, Marathon, Streets, and Drudge. Easysauce made epic.

Way back when I was beast, my average was 30-50ish. Nowadays, I can only manage 15-25ish. Always some scrub that resorts to his wall of nades or a power weapon. Pubs in this game has totally lost all the good, competetive people.

At least in MWR, there's no gamebreaking glitchfest, ala SMAW + Pentagon.
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  3. So uh...I think I suck at The Conduit.

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