i was just looking at the wiki for this and i read...

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  3. i was just looking at the wiki for this and i read...

User Info: akromaaran

6 years ago#1

"The ability to sprint has been added, as well as vehicles, which can be used in some levels, involving firing from them."

Now i am sure the driving is mission based, but still, progress, right?

heres the link


its halfway down the 2nd par. in gameplay

User Info: LigersRule

6 years ago#2
No drivable vehicles. There are vehicles, but you don't control them. It's kinda a rail-shooter thing. You just shoot, not drive.
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User Info: Z1LVER12

6 years ago#3
"Involving" meaning It's one way to use it in this case the vehicle, and HVS is thinking about adding drivable vehicles

User Info: The_Shader

6 years ago#4
Notice how it doesnt say that the vehicles are in the multiplayer. it just says that they are in the game.

Which is fine, vehicles arent necessary. A quad is always nice to have though.... and Pentagon could use some Quads in those hallways.
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User Info: Z1LVER12

6 years ago#5
well I was never thinking big vehicles like tanks and stuff but more the size of a truck or quad

User Info: darkjedilink

6 years ago#6
I wanna shoot a rocket launcher from atop a Segway. That would be the awesome.
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  3. i was just looking at the wiki for this and i read...

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