the unconfirmed weapons

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User Info: themilitarydude

6 years ago#11
themilitarydude posted...

guys i will tell you one thing i paid for, only 7 new weapons will be in TCon2 all of the mentioned will be in the game,

:Phase Rifle, Single Shot, Single Shot Kill, Shoots through walls, adjustable scope.

:AR-C Eclipses, Unlimited Ammo, Holo Sights.

:AEGIS Device, Hold Down Trigger Shields, Press B once = one shot kill.

:Deployable Turret, Auto-Fire mode(targets enemies automatically but reduces damage), Manual Targeting(you target enemies yourself and increases damage)

i do not have any more info on TCon2 yet i will post when i do.


All info here provided by Nintendo Power,

wth! why are there smilies in my post i didnt put any there!

User Info: Counduit_King

6 years ago#12
Hvs said somthing about the Ak-47 but It's a confirmed rumor. I have my doubts but think I should say it.

User Info: Z1LVER12

6 years ago#13
@ themilitarydude Haha I bearly noticed that

@ConduitKing I think the SCAR is gonna be the Ak47, I mean there both Fully-Automatic and are Long Range Assualt Rifles

User Info: The_Shader

6 years ago#14

.... we know more than you. Also, i think that he someones alt... i wonder whose >_>
Sparkster returns after 16 years in..... "Rocket Knight"
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User Info: Xenozoa425

6 years ago#15
There needs to be an even amount of weapons for each species tier to that the game is balanced.

In TCon, you had 3 groups of weapons, with 5 weapons in each group:

1). Humans - USP .45, MP5, SCAR, SPAS, and SMAW
2). Trust - Deatomizer Mk4, Deatomizer Mk9, TPC Launcher, Carbonizer, and HVS .45.
3). Drudge - Strike Rifle, Striker, Warp Pistol, Hive Cannon, Shrieker.

We already know that the AR-C Eclipse, Phase Rifle, and Vortex Canon are (or seem to be) made by the Trust, and the Sentry Gun (Deployable Turret) seems to be Human (or possibly Trust also). So to balance it out, there would have to be 2-4 new Human weapons and 2-4 new Drudge weapons.

I don't know about you guys, but it does get rather boring using the same guns over and over again.
I'd like to have an actual Drudge sniper rifle, or a Trust machine gun, or a flamethrower or something.
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User Info: Xenozoa425

6 years ago#16
-double post-

Adding to weapons we might like and want to see...

I'd like some new Human weapons, like a flamethrower, a new pistol / SMG, an assault rifle, etc.
Maybe even an equipable knife or something to make melee attacking easier, I don't know.

For Trust... I think they already got it down, lol.

And Drudge... an alien SMG would be cool, as would a gun that shoots exploding bugs (not the Hive Canon) that stick to you like Radiation grenades, but explodes on you after a while (a-la the Crossbow from Black Ops), and maybe a Drudge-fed lazer weapon like the Carbonizer, only weaker to balance it more out.
Call of Duty 4 (Wii): 0885-3893-7331

User Info: slit_your_gutz

6 years ago#17
It's the lasagna launcher. The "making him hungry" comment gives it away.

User Info: Icuras08

6 years ago#18

From: HVSTony
Let's just say that this new weapon will have you feasting over other dead bodies.

Here guys, I found another hint.


User Info: themilitarydude

6 years ago#19

wow that's REALLY helpful...... the knife gun maybe?

User Info: Changlini

6 years ago#20
At least this is no where's _________ Waldo.
The one thing I don't want in a guessing game is to be forced to look at one hundred bits of information that all lead to a dead end.
Anyways, my guess would be that undisclosed weapon attaches to either a vital part of the character's body or the mind. Sense that would fit the crave for the lying opposition that had a not so active supporting ally with the miracle dart.

Wait.... wait, is health increasing after each consumption a possibility?
Oh how you haunt me.
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