post your usernames for when you get C2

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User Info: gaby2107

7 years ago#31
Either Gabe2107 or epicgabe...yeah, epic gabe(If we can have spaces).

User Info: Icuras08

7 years ago#32
Try to remember these names, you might see them in a random match, maybe.

Mine will be: Icuras08
Give me liberty, or give me pizza pie
Highest Anticipated Game: Rune Factory 3!!!

User Info: incognito3

7 years ago#33
Martian or Incognito3 or Player0 or Mwahahaa

and yeah lets go BAP great memories and some really fun matches. :D
I am Time. -The Incognito Martian Enigma. FPS and RPGs FTW.
Looking forward-ish to: Greg Hasting's Paintball 2 and Conduit 2

User Info: coolman229

7 years ago#34
I don't know if I'm going to stick with coolman229, or change it to Scribbles41
We're glad we won you over to the fight for the earth.
Currently playing: Cave Story, Majora's Mask (VC), Brawl (still), Mega Man 9, Okami, Chrono Trigger

User Info: Sudsy86_

7 years ago#35

assuming I can use any characters,


or sudhish.

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