can we get a map editor for conduit 3 plz? :D

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  3. can we get a map editor for conduit 3 plz? :D

User Info: Neo-ganon

7 years ago#1

like atimesplitters 2 style map editor, only with more open areas? it'd also be cool if we could upload custom maps online for others to download :)

User Info: Changlini

7 years ago#2
Yeah, I'm enjoying the map editor in timesplitters 2 right now, wish it had outside style tiles.... and the glitch from FP that let's you avoid that memory limit.

Still awesome style though, hope that the fourth installment takes the cartoon-ish style from that game.
Oh how you haunt me.

User Info: tconslayer

7 years ago#3

yea it would be awesome and play those stages online

User Info: Simok123

7 years ago#4
they cant cuz they cant make it so its easy and simple to work. the editor they use apperently is too complex and they cant find a way to make it easy enough.

User Info: jje116

7 years ago#5
Nintendo won't allow it. Someone might make a penis-shaped map.
Holy Jeezus!

User Info: Baines

7 years ago#6
HVS' personal editor for Conduit 2 being complicated shouldn't be an issue, honestly.

TimeSplitters used a different design for the player map creator than it did for the company-made maps. The company-made maps were like any other FPS maps. The player map creator let people snap together pre-built "blocks" of rooms and corridors. There were sometimes arcane limits to certain pieces which presumably hid processing restrictions (sometimes overzealously, but probably better to be a bit too restrictive than to open yourself to crashes).

Heck, without bots a TS2 player map creator should be slightly easier, as you won't get exposed to how easily such player-made maps can break (the admittedly terrible in TS2 and TSFP) bot design.

The problem is that creating such an editor would probably take no small measure of work. Worse, HVS would need to aim to at least match, if not exceed, the TS:FP map maker or risk being negatively compared to a GC/PS2/Xbox1 game. (Mind, I'm a bit negative towards HVS' quality, and figure that if they tried a TS-style mapmaker, they'd probably manage to make it inferior to TS2/TS:FP. Which would be pretty bad, since I think Free Radical fumbled the ball fairly badly themselves with TS2's map maker.)

And even if HVS put the work into such a map maker, you'd have people complaining that the time and money consumed should have been spent on other areas of the game.
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  3. can we get a map editor for conduit 3 plz? :D

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