so Con2 board, whos getting goldeneye?

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User Info: Schmurtin

7 years ago#31

I've got to say that the single player campaign is one of the most epic campaigns ever.

User Info: The_Shader

7 years ago#32
The campaign is nice for gameplay standards. The stealth is there and doesnt have to be used like all Bond games should be. But whats really awesome about the Campaign is the re-written GoldenEye story. Really a huge selling point if you ask me.

Online is lagless, and for that i'm overjoyed. it does have its lagging moments, but you can very easily leave, then join another game where you can be rest assured will NOT be the same match you were in.

i'm about 10-15k experience points away from rank 31 and getting the "Raffica". I took a few days off of GoldenEye and i went from Rank 18 to Rank 54 in the Top 100 players in the Overall Performance leaderboard.
Managed to get back down to 35-45. i intend to return to the Top 20. But that'll require about 80k experience. Which is 80 game matches if i score 1000xp in each of them.
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User Info: Simok123

7 years ago#33
ive got it. its good
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