Conduit 2 possibly on PS3, how do you feel?

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User Info: blazeUP12

7 years ago#1
I really hope that this isn't a growing trend for third party developers :(

Now that the PS Move is out, Wii to PS3 ports shouldn't be hard at all and would be obviously better in every way, am I right?
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User Info: RyokoWins

7 years ago#2
It's disheartening, but there is very little reason to make a Wii-exclusive game now (that is, if the move is as good/better than the Wiimote) other than the fact that it may be cheaper and there's a little less competition. This is not necessarily a bad thing for developers, but it really sucks for people who only own a Wii, since even more of the games would likely be watered-down ports.
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User Info: raysnds1

7 years ago#3
i'm a wii only owner...but i'm a realist.....

they're putting alot of time into this game and i'm sure they want to sell more then a million copies like on average that COD has (on the wii). it wouldn't suprise me (or blame them) for possibly having this utilize the Sony Move.

HVS needs our support.....but the problem there enough of us to give it to them....

i know...iknow.. the last game (to me) was a little dissapointing...but i think this next outing is going to be tremendous for C2

User Info: Valdimir_Drega

7 years ago#4
Developing for the PS3 poses a problem though. High-Voltage is a realitively small company that can only do so much at this point in terms of budget. There's a large expense gap between Wii and HD system production values. Conduit 2 is built from the ground up on an engine designed for the Wii. They would essentially have to completely remake C2 from the ground, up for the Move. That's extremely expensive, and there's already some stiff competition on PS3 with Resistance 3 in the works.

I'm not saying that C2 HD won't happen, but the chances are extremely low by my calculation. Matt Corso even said in the video interview that they made C2 for the Wii fans, and HD plans have yet to even be discussed or considered.
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User Info: tconslayer

7 years ago#5

As the new president of the conduit 2 board i say no to this this needs to be a wii shooter where if people with an xbox or a ps3 they are gonna suffer because they mocked the wii.

This board needs change and waffles MMMMMM waffles.

User Info: Brownprouder23

7 years ago#6
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Brownprouder23

7 years ago#7
If that happens, wouldn't that make the Wii obsolete to the Move?

User Info: FEStrata

7 years ago#8
Conduit 2 + PS3.

What is this I don't even...
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User Info: stufa1978

7 years ago#9
Conduit 2 on PS3?

That's no bad thing. But no matter how good it could be on Wii. I think many PS3 owners might be put off getting a souped up Wii game over the many FPSers already available.

As for Wii being obsolete?
Maybe PS3move does outdo Wii's motion controls (and I still favour the remotes to nothing at all). What does it matter?
The Wii has done it's bit for games evolution. And it will still be fun to play long after it leaves the shelves IMO.
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User Info: HaShrike

7 years ago#10
Not happening, I would be willing to bet money on that.


1. It would cost money. HVS has already laid people off. Does anyone really think that they would do something that would potentially put their entire company in jeopardy at this point?

2. It would cost a lot of money for a number of reasons. The engine was designed specifically for the architecture of the Wii. Porting it over to the PS3 would be no simple task. An unsimple task takes time, which equals money.

3. Most importantly, the install base simply doesn't justify it right now. Going by VGchartz's estimates, the Move has sold around 1.1 mil, and has an player base of about .8 mil. To put that in perspective, The Conduit has sold about .445 mil. In other words, the original game sold over half the current number of people who have the Move, and quite a few of those people are going to be in Japan, which is a no go for shooters.

In short: Move along, nothing to see here.
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