Do you think Conduit 2's splitscreen will beat Goldeneye's splitscreen?

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  3. Do you think Conduit 2's splitscreen will beat Goldeneye's splitscreen?

User Info: Numbuh100

6 years ago#1
What's your opinion on Con2's splitscreen so far?

User Info: slit_your_gutz

6 years ago#2
I think Conduit 2's will be better.

Because from playing Goldeneye and watching the Conduit 2 videos, the multiplayer maps look more exciting in Conduit 2. Also, sci fi weapons rule.

User Info: tconslayer

6 years ago#3

At this very moment i think they are tied and conduit 2's will be better in the end

User Info: nintendomaniac

6 years ago#4
The fact that Conduit 2's is actually closer to what the original GoldenEye's gameplay was like than the new GoldenEye itself...

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User Info: Synd_Drome

6 years ago#5
Wow, I'm reeeeally late and I'm surprised I can do this but...


Anyway, I find it hard to compare them. They will have almost none of the same game modes. GE has Golden Gun and all kinds of cool modifiers. Con2 will have Invasion and who knows what else. In other words, you can't really compare the splitscreen of these games because none of the modes are the same IMO. I just depends on what kinda stuff you like to do. If you like to just jack around and have fun, GE is probably gunna be your game. If you want something more engaging and competitive, I think Con2 will win over for sure.
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User Info: Simok123

6 years ago#6
no...but COnduit 2 does have Ivasion....ill give em that.

User Info: 1918me

6 years ago#7
Hecks yeah!
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User Info: Numbuh100

6 years ago#8
Yeah, they better give us good modifiers for splitscreen in this game.

User Info: Vermineater

6 years ago#9
Splitscreen will be better than Goldeneye 007 (Wii)'s splitscreen, for sure. Due to nostalgia and the like, I doubt it will be better than the original to those who loved it back in the day. :D

GEWii is pretty fun, will help me pass the time until this game's release! :D
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User Info: FuzzyJello

6 years ago#10
Are there bots? Because that's pretty the crux of my descision at this point; if High Voltage can't get six months more development time and at least do that, I'm done with Wii FPS and sticking with Timesplitters for my FPS needs. The amount of basic feature cuts we've been getting since WaWii is absolutely pathetic.
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