C/D - This game will sell more than GE007 and COD: BO(Wii)

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User Info: RyokoWins

7 years ago#11
I apologize for whatever I just said.

User Info: Numbuh100

7 years ago#12
It will sell more than COD(on Wii count, not on PS3/360).

User Info: 1918me

7 years ago#13
Does it deserve to? Yes, I think it does. Will it? I doubt it.
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User Info: Phasmatis92

7 years ago#14
I'd estimate lifetime sales of:

Conduit 2: 400k

Black Ops Wii: 1.5m

Goldeneye: 1.2m

User Info: The_Shader

7 years ago#15
Conduit 2 = half a million

Wii BO = half a mill

Goldeneye = million

Level of fun and awesome the game has

Conduit 2 = 10/10

Wii BO 7/10 (the 360 of course will be exceedingly awesome)

Goldeneye = 10/10 (i thoroughly enjoy it anyways)
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User Info: Phasmatis92

7 years ago#16
"Wii BO = half a mill"

Wanna bet?
World at War on Wii did 3 times that despite being far more nerfed compared to its HD counterparts than BO.
Modern Warfare Reflex has passed a million despite being released 2 years late.
BO is releasing on time and is quite close to the HD versions sans the graphical polish; forget half a mill, it'll do 1m minimum, possibly 1.6m when all's said and done.

User Info: Simok123

7 years ago#17
no I kinda doubt it. GoldenEye is very popular. and MWR sold over one million. Most people havent heard of Conduit 2, and when most do, they say "The Conduit sucked (which I think is bulls***. only main flaws were lag, hype, glitches, and hackers.). This one will too." apperently thimking that they ARENT goning to fix the probems.....dumbasses....but i think C2 will be better than all 3.
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