SCAR vs Strike Rifle

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User Info: The_Shader

6 years ago#21
Nah.... So far the best person i ever witnessed using the Strike Rifle was Blaeu. The dude was trying to get his SR skills as good as possible and the guy was nailing headshots like crazy during the hip fire with it.

And both scopes are the same. No difference besides the way they look, the gun bullets themselves have a huge difference, but not the scopes.
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User Info: Sudsy86_

6 years ago#22

I ever played against Blaeu with the SR. He always used the WP or Mp5 in our games....

Anyways, the way they look does matter. The way you percieve things is what matters. For instance, in BC2, I find it easier to no scope OHKO with large guns (NS2000, SPAS). In no scoping with automatic fire, the smaller the weapon the better.

A gun's feel is what matters most. In general, if a gun has very high rate of fire+damage as to require significantly more bullets in its spray to hit the movig target enough, it's not going to be very effective for or at long. The obvious response is, "that's all on player skill." In some sense, yes. But why does the gun require more skill? Even the most "skilled" players go by what gun feels the best. I used to be great at a lot of shooters. I always used slow-firing automatics--even ones which didn't have increased bullet damage as a compromise. Along with skill is instincts. Though a lot of players were using guns that were "better" versions of what I was using, I had enough skill to make them work properly in hectic situations by employing really hard tactics. Firing while moving at full speed is difficult with any gun. When that's all that happens, using a safer gun is ultimately going to win out. They simply "feel" better. If they feel better, you can--let me steal the greatest cliche ever--"be the gun".

Maybe it is just me. I'm obviously different than most people. But I know most people go by what gun "feels" the best to them, whether it's because it's simply overpowered and the confidence puts them at ease, or because the gun simply works well within their ability and limitations.

I find it a little easier to focus on the target with the scar...

User Info: FEStrata

6 years ago#23
StarWolf had a better SR imo.
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User Info: Reedeemer

6 years ago#24
scar pwns all
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User Info: Astro_B0mb

6 years ago#25
SCAR was the best mang
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