Conduit 2 vs Black Ops (Wii Version)

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User Info: SupahShnipa

7 years ago#41
Also, Conduit 2's weapons by far surpass most games out there. Halo has very generic, non-unique weapons.
So? I'd much rather have simple balanced guns than Original ones that will only fill a niche and be rarely used. Core Gameplay >>>>> Presentation.
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User Info: SmallerRidley

7 years ago#42

From: lex5000111 | #039
but i do believe conduit 2 will do great though seeing that there doing patching as well

Surely there's no problem with them putting me in Brawl, right?
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User Info: MC_Brian1

7 years ago#43
So? I'd much rather have simple balanced guns than Original ones that will only fill a niche and be rarely used. Core Gameplay >>>>> Presentation.


Boring weapons are boring. Have you played Black Ops? CoD is a series with horrible weapon variety, and Black Ops takes the cake. The Commando, AK47, Galil, and Enfield are practically the same gun. The FAMAS and AUG are EXACTLY the same with slightly different recoil patterns, same with M16/G11. There is awful balance and uniqueness among weapons within their own class.

In Halo Reach, every weapon has its own niche, and this works greatly. They are all used frequently and the fact that they're unique does not in any way take away from the game. In the first Conduit, there was actually a good weapon balance aside from the Hive Cannon, and each gun there was different and had its own niche. So my point is, just because a game doesn't have ****ty guns that have no differences aside from the fact that gun A moves a tiny bit more upwards and gun B moves a tiny bit more to the right when firing, doesn't mean it will be unbalanced. Unique weapons adds fun, variety, replay value, and will help the game become more memorable.
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User Info: The_Shader

7 years ago#44
^ This dude summed up the big picture on weapons and their importants.

And its not so much that the weapons in The Conduit were balanced, but the Weapon Sets. And all the Weapon Sets featuring the Hive Cannon... made it into a crappy weapon to get. Since Weapon Sets are gone ((as far as we know)) This problem is solved, and the Hive Cannon has been tweaked into something of more use now.
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User Info: Baines

7 years ago#45
"you guys do know that BO has backend patching and possible dlc in the form of maps so saying we have one zombie map is out of the question till a map pack comes out for other consoles and we will see if we get more maps for wii as well "

The Wii has 512MB of internal flash memory. Some of this is consumed by various system files, such as the system menu, all the IOS files, logs, and everything else. Some is used when running a game. This is also consumed by game saves, downloaded channels, and Wiiware downloads. Some may even have been detected and marked as corrupt, and was thus never actually available in the first place.

The two Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 map packs were 326MB and 356MB. World at War's map packs were 400-500MB each.

With sizes like that, the average Wii at best could hold a single downloaded Call of Duty map pack, if you cleared most of its memory of other files. Wii versions of the maps might not be as big. With its lower resolution, the Wii doesn't need PS3/360 quality textures, for example. But it would take work to properly downgrade the map assets. (If the Wii version of Black Ops uses an altered map format, it would take conversion work as well.)

While a developer could theoretically rely on SD cards for such storage, Nintendo seems to be pretty restrictive on what they will allow the SD port to be used for. (Remember when Nintendo finally "enabled" playing downloaded titles from SD card? Even that doesn't actually play from the SD card. Instead, it copies the file from SD card into the Wii's internal flash memory and automatically launches it from there. Nintendo presumably sees too much SD card freedom as a security risk. And indeed, it is. Even in its restricted use form, there is an SD card exploit that takes advantage of Brawl's ability to load user-created maps from SD card. Sadly, the Wii's security has been busted open so often and has been so severely compromised, in part due to Nintendo not knowing what they were doing, that Nintendo almost might not should have bothered in the first place.)

It is more likely that Activision will just avoid map DLC for Wii Black Ops.
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User Info: Numbuh100

7 years ago#46
Yeah, this game doesn't need DLC.
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User Info: SupahShnipa

7 years ago#47
I'm getting bored with BO already, went back to Reflex :P
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