What's your gun?

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User Info: LigersRule

7 years ago#1
Everybody has a signature gun. One they like using more then all the others. What's yours?

I think I mostly use the Strike Rifle. It just works for me.

Off Topic: Mods deleted what was quite possibly the best post ever. Just saying, you rock tconslayer. That was awesome.
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User Info: SafetyFist

7 years ago#2
Strike rifle was always my preference when I played. Deatomizer was a close second depending on the map.

and it was deleted? D:
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User Info: Kirby_Pwns_All

7 years ago#3
Strike Rifle, sometimes pistol (depending on how consistent my headshots are that day). I think the Phase Rifle will probably be my new favorite.

User Info: RyokoWins

7 years ago#4
I liked to use the strike rifle when I could but I think the guns I used the most were the USP and the SPAS.
I apologize for whatever I just said.

User Info: TNT4212

7 years ago#5
for me either the pistol or shotgun
strike rifle bullets move to slow for me

User Info: The_Shader

7 years ago#6
My gun is..... for fun
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User Info: Xenozoa425

7 years ago#7
The one that everyone will use in the beginning and label as overpowered because some kids can't handle getting their asses to them.


User Info: SmallerRidley

7 years ago#8
My rifle is..... for fighting
Surely there's no problem with them putting me in Brawl, right?
It's ****ing satire, damnit. My quote rocks your socks.

User Info: tconslayer

7 years ago#9

I use the strike rifle and scar for sniping or medium range assault. I use the spas 12 for defending the base.

User Info: Green_Tunic

7 years ago#10
SCAR/pistol for mid-range, pistol/SPAS for close range and for sniping the Strike Rifle.
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