HVS/SEGA should start releasing SOLID information

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User Info: ddd87

7 years ago#1
It is only one and a half month before the game hit stores, but there are still a couple of things that are not known or the info is not very clear at this point:

* How long the single player really is?
* 15 missions. This includes side mission?
* There is some sort of "log mission" menu. What it contains?
* Nearly 20 guns with 5 or 6 new ones, not really enough detail. Does this number is with grenades included? Are there more new weapons than those already revealed? (If there were, I don't want to know what they are, just to know they are there is enough
* Nearly twice the maps from tcon, with or without the 3 old ones?
* What is the "extent" of the patch system? Can it fix everything like balancing troubles and faulty physics?
* What game modes it has? I mean, all of them. If by this time they aren't all finished I might get a little worried.
* What happened to that armor removing mechanic hinted long time ago?
* What about achievements?
* What other control configuration options have been added if any?

That is what I need to read... As for footage, all up to date about:

* Hub world gameplay off course.
* Some of the other levels.
* Music samples.
* Several multiplayer videos showing the different game modes.

I mean, at this time, hvs should be very confident about what they can include in the game, and if the game is not in beta stage yet it should be very close. I really don't want to know spoiler things, but confirmation on several features and numbers that should be done at this time. I really don't think they will add any new weapon/map/mode from now on, so these things can be confirmed, and personally will make me a little more confident about the game before is released.

User Info: Simok123

7 years ago#2
they're not just gonna tell you everything. Besides, its not that important

User Info: ddd87

7 years ago#3
Never said I'm expecting them to tell me all of that now...
It is to know hvs is not still trying to make the things work and have everything ready. To me, that is very important.

User Info: SupahShnipa

7 years ago#4
I'd like to see more info as well.

User Info: Kirby_Pwns_All

7 years ago#5
Yeah, I mean it's releasing in what, around 45 days? That's really not long from now at all, so you'd think they'd start releasing some new info by now. At the very least, more multiplayer footage of the new modes.

User Info: Baines

7 years ago#6
Wasn't there an interview or something where they said that since hyping The Conduit so much before launch backfired with people being underwhelmed with the released game, they were going to instead stay fairly silent about Conduit 2?
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User Info: SmallerRidley

7 years ago#7
The major parts will be revealed in the previews (IGN, lolgamespot, etc), and honestly they should leave a few details hidden like the guns or the maps.

The only thing I'm interested in knowing right now is how the campaign flows between missions.
Surely there's no problem with them putting me in Brawl, right?
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User Info: ddd87

7 years ago#8
I think you're talking about the eurogamer interview. But all of this is basic information, I hope they don't see this kind of things as hype.

User Info: Brownprouder23

7 years ago#9
Just wait for the game to come out.
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