Only VC with friends/rivals?

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User Info: BESTESTclan

7 years ago#1
In BOWii you can talk to anyone with a mic regardless if you have them added or not. Is that same system going to be used in this game or can you only talk to people with whom who exchanged fcs with?

User Info: Changlini

7 years ago#2
Well, this game will be on Nintendo's servers so that is most likely true due to certain issues and worse case scenarios.
Now, I think you'll be able to easily add everyone in the room as your rival so you can talk or blurt out whatever the _____ you'll say to them and after the match, delete them and repeat with the next set of players.
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User Info: The_Shader

7 years ago#3
Black Ops doesnt use the servers that Nintendo provides, Conduit 2 does. (Well, the servers arent owned by Nintendo, but its the servers Nintendo uses for its games.)

Like i said before in other topics, because its Nintendo's servers, Conduit 2 is being tied down by Nintendo's ****ing bull **** regulations. Thus, no random chat. HVS did manage a way to just 'click, then add' people without Friend codes. Though they are considered Rivals, Friend Codes are no longer there, and you can then chat with them.

So theres chat with randoms, you just have to add them as Rivals first. If i remember right... you can add about 96 Rivals, and 96 Friends, separately.

Pretty damn good while still under Nintendo's regulations.
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