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User Info: marioplayer64

6 years ago#1
Have the people of HVS already found a way to ban/eliminate hackers and glitch abusers?

If they do, God bless them. Why?

Every time I play on the Streets map, somebody has to ruin the f****** fun by spamming the rocket launcher. So, he shoots, I die. Respawn, walk to safety for 10 seconds, BOOOM death again.

I hate those noobs. They dont know what real gaming is about
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Miyamoto: Same thing we do every night, Satoru, try to take over the world!

User Info: Icuras08

6 years ago#2
Don't worry, they have a patching system in the works. I'm pretty sure the Rapid Fire SMAW was their first priority, but if it still is around, I'm sure they could fix it through patches.

If all else fails, they have a kicking system.

Also, is it possible to use the patching system to block popular hacks?
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  3. stupid question, but...

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