Framerate will make or break this game

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User Info: ddd87

6 years ago#11
Last time I checked, the lowest framerate should be of 24 frames.

User Info: Simok123

6 years ago#12
Well, conduits lag in the first game wasnt like GEs or BOs. BO and GE lag is all skippy. Conduits lag was just slow. I think if it does lag again, which it probably will, it will be like the first one which really wasnt as bad as GEs and BOs lag. And keep in mind, the only time the conduit lagged was either when there was alot of players, or if there were people using wii speak in public in a 7-12 player match, but now with the headset, thats gone and when there is more players in the match, it shouldnt be too bad. And when there was a full game and it lagged in the first, that was mainly because of the wii speak. So basicly, wii speak + 10-12 players = lag in the first conduit. C2 shouldnt have much of a issue.

User Info: Guovssohas

6 years ago#13
I agree that the framerate is important, much smoother aim with good framerate. It should stay at 30fps constant. More than that ain't gonna happen on the Wii with the p2p online system.

User Info: SupahShnipa

6 years ago#14
I really hope so. As someone who is used to Uncapped FPSs on PC games, anything below 30 is like watching a slideshow.
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  3. Framerate will make or break this game

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