Meanest thing you've done? ;>_>

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User Info: ocarinaoftasi

6 years ago#1
On TCon. Camped next to a Drudge cache on Infirmary. Clogged the enemy halls with Radiation grenades and got like 10 kills. Built a wall so no one could get teammates did the same...The enemies just kept coming through...
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User Info: Vermineater

6 years ago#2
Tasi, that's bad, dood. ):<

On streets, stuck in human ammo box room (you know the one), spamming grenades and rockets. I occaisionally moved to kill anyone going up the steps, with decent success. I hated wall glitchers, though.
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User Info: Tottentanz

6 years ago#3
This occurred in the Streets, I went on a killing spree using only rad grenades. What I mean is, I would bum rush someone and slap a rad grenade on them and then just move on to the next room on to the next target while the last one was still in the thralls of dying. I did this over and over again, not standing still not presenting a target other than a glowing orb being tossed the way of the new victim.

It may not seem mean to some people, but there seems to be a level of torture inherent in those grenades because you do not die instantly; you just get to watch your character die slowly with that radiation dot ticking away.

User Info: ZenoExpert25

6 years ago#4
Most of you have probably already done this, I had codes on for infinite grenades and I kept flash bombing my teammates.
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User Info: Kirby_Pwns_All

6 years ago#5
Ran into the enemy base and kept suicide killing people with rockets. They were camping there though, so they kind of deserved it. I don't know if that's actually that mean... Lol.

User Info: The_Shader

6 years ago#6
Focused all my attention on those solely intent on glitching their weapons, and annihilated them, and kept them from ever getting near a ammo cache ever again throughout the match.

Rage quits. i've caused many. witnessed many. and was the cause of many.
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User Info: Neo-ganon

6 years ago#7

may not be mean, but i got the game winning kill at the last possible second that tied the score. and it was a melle kill against a guy with a shotgun as he was aiming it at me.

User Info: ZenoExpert25

6 years ago#8
Turned off my power and reseted the match. LOL
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6 years ago#9
Always attacked a particular player, -1,000
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