Dont understand the venom

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User Info: Tottentanz

6 years ago#1
Bored and frustrated with the delay, I decided to view the faults of TCon to understand what HVS had to improve and build upon, and I could not help but notice the venom some have for this game.

Shots to the AI of TCon never made sense to me. I watched through a scope the soldiers finding cover and performing military tactics such as advancing to a close position after one area was secure and falling back when it was clear that they were flanked. I also noted smart use of cover and scoping as they would employ stop and pop tactics against me.

I watched a competitor's game on its hardest difficulty, supposedly bumps up AI as well as their damage and hps, and noted that the AI did not seem to employ any special tactics beyond just swarming. The little guys rushed forward and either committed sepuku on a wall of bullets or practiced kamikaze tactics. The big guys stood in the open absorbing fire relying heavily on their shields but not seeking cover in-case their shields failed which they did often. The soldiers would snipe mobs that were standing out in the open, doing nothing, when there was a huge battle going on all around them.

I observed a few shooters and their superior AI seemed more like superior numbers and damage rather than tactics. Not once did I see any of the soldier style AI units employ any tactic beyond pushing forward and dying as a new wave behind them readied themselves to either kill the player or die trying.

Shots to the genre are understandable since people either want far fetched scifi or ultra realism with a bag of blood included in the game to spray on their tv after they clear the game.

I understand that fighting aliens and employing some sort of conspiracy is nothing new, but HVS seems to have done their research and are at least building upon their work rather than just putting a fresh coat of paint on some mocked up maps, slapping in a ton of mobs because they found a way to have 30 more mobs per map thanks to some programmer, and then packaging it off as a breakthrough with all new seriousness because now you must kill 30 more people per map.

Anywho, I can go on for days on all that I have read and seen with people hating on the game and the Wii in general, so I ask you, why the venom?

User Info: The_Shader

6 years ago#2
Because people who say bad stuff about the AI an such are either trolls trying to flame arguements, or idiots who dont understand that when the player has infinite health, the AI doesnt know what to do.

And the difference between Bad AI and Good AI... well Bad AI would just run up to you, stop, and start shooting. Or some would just be standing upright far away, looking straight at you, and doesnt bother to take cover AT ALL when they start getting shot at.

Good AI uses their weapons to perfection, and runs around depending on the weapon they are using. Conduit 2 has yet to show a video to demonstrate the AI that it has, but so far from what i've seen... the AI is MUCH better then it was before.
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User Info: RyokoWins

6 years ago#3
He was talking about the first game.
I apologize for whatever I just said.
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