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User Info: The_Shader

6 years ago#1
((I posted this before in the Live Stream topic, but felt this deserved a topic of its own so flame can get on it right away in putting it into the sticky. Dont post till i say so.))

Body parts = Head, Shoulder, Arms, Torso, Legs, Knees
Primary and secondary colors return, but theres a primary and secondary for each seperate part of armor now. With approximately 16 already set colors to choose from. No idea if the, but its very likely, that the huge color palette will return.

When creating your loadouts, theres a Primary Weapon, Secondary Weapon, Grenades, Primary Upgrade, and 3 separate Secondary Upgrade categories.

Primary Weapons include (in this order) = SCAR, SPAS-12, SMAW, Carbonizer MK16, TPC Launcher, Strike Rifle, Hive Cannon, Shrieker, Phase Rifle, Aegis Device, Dark Star, AR-C Eclipse, Widowmaker Turret
Secondary weapons include (in this order) = Usp.45, MP4KA5, Deatomizer MK4, Warp Pistol, HVS.45
Grenades = Hand Grenade, Flash Grenade, Radiation Grenade

Primary Upgrades
Capacitor: ((Sorry, wasnt a moment in the videos where i could pause, read, then type))
Heavy Armor: ((Sorry, couldnt get this one either))
Explosive Focus: Increases the blast radius of explosives and reduces explosive damage that you take. (Selecting this puts you on the watchlist.)
Ballistic Focus: Increases damage done by bullets and other solid projectiles. (You're a fan of the classics. This new wave stuff is for kids.)
Energy Focus:
Reverse Damage:
Ammo Salvage: When you kill an opposing player, you have a chance to gain one clips worth of ammunition for each weapon and have a chance to get a grenade. Maximum ammo carried is unaffected. (You may as well lift is wallet while your at it)
Widomaker Specialization: Your Widowmaker Turret fires at non-stealthed targets automatically requiring no input. You can still manually control it with the alternative function button. (Because we wont let you have a puppy)
Aegis Device Specialization: The Aegius Device will still block projectiles even when the maximum mass has been collected. (The most Passive-Aggressive weapon ever.
Stealth: You no longer appear on enemy radar and cannot be phase tuned by Phase Rifles. In addition, Widowmaker Turrets will no longer target you unless manually operated. Multiplayer only. (For those dirty backstabbers)

Secondary Upgrades A
Ammo Belt: You spawn with 2 extra clips of ammo for all weapons. (You come prepared. Like a Militia Member)
Stabilizer: Your weapon accuracy is less effected by movement. (Like those guys in the Hong Kong movies)
Metal Legs: You have unlimited sprint. (The surgery is risky, but you think the chicks will dig it)
Helmet: Headshots do no extra damage to you but your weapon accuracy is more afflicted by movement. Multiplayer Only. (Other Helmets are stricly decorative.)
Bomb Bag: Start with an additional grenade. (You can never have enough boom.)
Phase Rifle Penetration: Increases the range through objects that your Phase Rifle can tune in on a target. (its an 88 Magnum)

Secondary Upgrades B
Quickness: Speeds up how quickly you reload weapons and switch between them. (You're also good at mumbly-peg and card tricks)
Supercharger: Increases base movement speed. Useable in Multiplayer only. (Cant catch me, i'm the Gingerbread Man)
Field Medicine: You can revive people, and people can revive you twice as fast! Useable in Multiplayer only. (You're not a Doctor, but you play one in games)
Blinding Powder: Your melee attacks cause a short stun effect on your target. Useable in Multiplayer only. (Momma said knock you out)
Mending: Your health regeneration is increased while crouched. (Ducking will save your life)
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User Info: The_Shader

6 years ago#2
((EDITED: Added Aegis Device description))

Secondary Upgrades C
Light Armor: Slight damage resistance. (Its better then no damage resistance)
Improved Melee: Increases melee range slightly. (You know kung fu)
Improved Explosives: Increases blast radius of Explosive category weapons slightly. (it goes to eleven. Well, actually it goes to 10.87 but still)
Improved Ballistic Damage: Increases Damage of Ballistic category weapons slightly. (Feel lucky? Well do you?)
Improved Energy Damage: Increases damage of Energy category weapons slightly. (More pew pew, less qq)

Special Information.
Dark Star:
This ancient weapon fires bizarre energy that adheres to targets it hits, inflicting damage over time. If a target dies while this energy is attached, the weapons alternative fire becomes available. This launches a singularity that will float toward a viable targets and attempt to draw them in, destroying them utterly. Category Energy.

AR-C Eclipse:
The charge function absorbs light, rendering the user near-invisible by sight. As it fires, it heats up, doing more damage. The weapon will freeze up or overheat if either function is overused. Category Energy.

Aegis Device:
This weapon fires energy blasts but its real power comes from its charge effect. While held, it generates a zero-point field that nullifies kinetic energy and stops and holds bullets, grenades, rockets, and other projectiles fired at the user. Releasing the charge fires the collected projectiles forward. The field is limited by how much mass it can carry and only protects in front of the gun. Category Energy.

(Gathering any more info i can out of the videos. Flame, get to work dude. And give props when due.)

Sparkster returns after 16 years in..... "Rocket Knight"
My Alias for Wii Online = "Shader" Monster Hunter Tri = "Deimos"

User Info: Neo-ganon

6 years ago#3

wasnt there an enhancement that let you use 2 primaries? im curious. is it one of the blank ones perhaps?

User Info: Rigama

6 years ago#4
Wow, great job.


User Info: The_Shader

6 years ago#5
^ Very possible its the Capacitor one. Nailed every upgrade except Heavy Armor and Capacitor.

.... infact i'm 90% sure that its Capacitor .....seeing as how its (Capacity) meaning (Amount) .... yeah its probably two primaries, but there could be other stuff going on during this upgrade.

I mean really, whats the point of this PRIMARY upgrade when you can just go and pick up another weapon off the ground with your secondary.

Rough Draft of the two primaries i could identify.
Capacitor: Wield two primary weapons
Heavy Armor: Gain more defence against all types of weapon fire, but you move slower.

Very likely that theres more going on with both of these actually. (And i looked up the rest of the footage, couldnt get a good look at either. Still trying though.)

EDITED ((Got the description to one of the 4 missing primary upgrades))
Energy Focus: Increases damage done by energy-based weapons. (You can only disintegrate someone once, sadly)

This is probably all i can get. Capacitor, Heavy Armor, and Reverse Damage are the last three primary upgrades that i was unable to obtain information on.
Sparkster returns after 16 years in..... "Rocket Knight"
My Alias for Wii Online = "Shader" Monster Hunter Tri = "Deimos"

User Info: tconslayer

6 years ago#6

Thanks shader, I diddnt really pay attention to the other weapons, I focused on the phase rifle. Really good stuff last night and I almost won a prize. The only problem I can see right now is only 3 invasion maps, and the either the waves are really big or Matt is really slow.

User Info: The_Shader

6 years ago#7
^ You have a problem with three maps? you do realize that Black Ops on the 360 only has 2, and a third one that isnt necessarily the same game mode at all.

Yeah its 3 maps from the multiplayer modified for Invasion mode, but its still more than one map which is all the Black Ops for Wii has for its zombie mode.
Sparkster returns after 16 years in..... "Rocket Knight"
My Alias for Wii Online = "Shader" Monster Hunter Tri = "Deimos"

User Info: Lilrosco

6 years ago#8
Well I figured out what my first loadout is going to be. Thankz for the post!
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User Info: UltimateFlame13

6 years ago#9
good job. this stuff is definitely going into the updated sticky

edit: oh and of course ill make sure to give you credit for taking the time to examine all this stuff :P

oh and assuming reverse damage hasn't changed it should make it so your shots convert some of the bullet damage to health when shooting an ally.
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User Info: SmallerRidley

6 years ago#10
According to the Conduit Portal (Larknok's post), Reverse damage deals with Rad grenades and you start with an extra.
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