Conduit 2, New Release Date:April 19, 2011

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User Info: shotokanjav

6 years ago#31
Well thank you Clumsy, for writing that up, and confirming that work is still being done on the game. However, there were a couple of things that you misunderstood about my posts.

The main one being is that in no way do I expect brand new features to added to Con2 now that weren't included before. It seems that you took my position to be the other way around. You wrote:

"Sort of a follow up on the above statement - adding in new features this late in development is never a good idea. For one, it often creates a large number of issues that affect other areas of the game, which extends development and further pushes out the game (beyond April)."

I very much agree, it is not a good idea to add features this late for the reason you stated. If you look around this forum though, it is evident that many people expect and are demanding even online Invasion, Party System etc. as a result of the April delay. I expressed to others here (prior posts) that they shouldn't think this way or otherwise they will end up disapointed. Because as you said, it opens up its own can of worms and would push the game back further.

I still maintain that the reality of the competition was also a major factor for the delays, but SEGA can't publicly admit any of that and they shouldn't. As long as HVS is actually still working on the game and Sega doesn't pick a crappy release date (Who was the genius that thought of March 22nd?), then I'm cool with that.
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User Info: akromaaran

6 years ago#32

look at the mutliplayer pictures

they look terrible compared to the rest of the game

so either u get s*** MP tomm. or great MP in 3 months

User Info: clumsyo

6 years ago#33
Gotcha - thanks for clarifying, glad we agree :).

I was in our QA room yesterday dropping off some kits and there was a new build in that AM, so that's a good solid confirmation that work is being done :). Both teams are working hard to make it solid, Sega and HVS - we make a good team imo.

Date wise, the recent pushes haven't been about anything but the game, not the competition. You are obviously free to see things otherwise, but I'm not giving you a line, I honestly would have just dodged it if there was a situation you describe.

March 22nd was put out there with the recent trailer, I think there was some miscommunication internally as you see the April date pop up almost immediately after. Things like this happen, it's not ideal, but we're only human.

User Info: clumsyo

6 years ago#34
"Well thats quite interesting. Chumsy, as it was recomended before, please, sega needs to update the information about the game in every place that advertises c2, even the official site states the game features online invasion. Ive also seen the nintendo channel and there are some things to update there as well (wiispeak, languages, new release date)"

Best thing I can do is send an email around to the people who work in these spaces. Thanks for bringing it up!

User Info: filming4fun000

6 years ago#35
I wasnt too big on the first game, but this is looking to be a step up. Hopefully this works out for all of us. The gamers, Sega, and HVS.

I think moving the dates was a good idea though. November wasnt a good time to release considering the massive competition. Goldeneye, Black Ops, and Conduit 2 in one month wouldve been fragmented the fanbase a lot.

February wasnt good either because MvC3 is going to be huge. And March was even a worse idea because of the 3DS. Even if people werent going to buy these things, coverage of those games would've eclipsed everything including Conduit 2.

Sega and HVS need to take advantage of the gap in Wii software this year. If you guys advertise this game good it could do decent numbers. It's not like you didnt advertise it poorly before, but there is definitely room for improvement. For example, identifying your demographics and getting good timeslots to show that demographic your game on TV.

Anyway, good luck.
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