Attention HVS, we want online invasioin

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User Info: Tottentanz

6 years ago#1
If you believe that online invasion would put this game over the top, then post your comments here and maybe send them an email.

What I am saying is that since they are pushing the game back almost 3 months based on trying to bring us a better experience then they should be willing to push for onine invasion.

Blops, Black Ops, has an online zombie mode with only one map through the Wii; at least give us that.

We have seen members of HVS coming to this board, and they do have email and watch Youtube clips, so let us band together and in one voice say that if they are delaying it this much then give us something we have been asking for and they proposed long ago.

Give us online invasion mode please, give us our online co-op that will let us fight off waves of mobs over the net.

If you cant give us that then give us a real reason other than a long process for approval because in theory you asked for online invasion mode months ago from Nintendo and a response must have arrived by now.

Give us the truth, they said no or you cant do it or you wont do it in any case that would at least tell us why.

User Info: Brownprouder23

6 years ago#2
There really doesn't seem to be a good excuse on not having Team Invasion online at this point. It was previously confirmed and out of the blue de-confirmed. If I were them, I would seriously consider putting effort into doing this.

I really wouldn't mind them delaying this game until June if they had to. I just want my darn Team Invasion online.

User Info: ZenoExpert25

6 years ago#3
I dont see why everyone`s so hooked on team invasion.
Could someone explain to me whats so great about it?
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User Info: DivinityStripes

6 years ago#4
I'm in. Playing this alone doesn't seem AS fun. I'm pretty sure we don't have friends over ALL the time, so always having the option of playing with a good friend online would be amazing.

I understand that having a friend over and doing split-screen is much more exhilarating, but we can't ALWAYS have a friend over when we want to play Invasion HVS. Please, please, PLEASE add this feature if you have the time and are allowed to.
Why? Because.

User Info: Fang289

6 years ago#5
Online invasions always bored me. However, if HVS did something a la Left 4 Dead, I'd find that extremely enjoyable.

User Info: Brownprouder23

6 years ago#6
ZenoExpert25, it's great because it gives people something to play on down time or after you played a lot of multiplayer. Also, it's a co-op experience, which is hardly found on the Wii.

It would be great to just screw around killing bots and trying to beat the Invasion Mode with buddies online.

User Info: Tottentanz

6 years ago#7
I just got done email HVS a long thought out letter to their game feedback section.

If you plan on writing the company, please be polite and include logic based reasoning, Socratic rather than Sophistry.

Proposed Arguments:
they have the time now

it is what the fans want

they say they listen to their fans

it would improve multiplayer which is what they are working on now

it will push reviews high because replay-ability is a big part of the gaming experience

because they know that invasion is more fun with friends and not everyone will have friends over when they want to play

etc etc etc

User Info: Brownprouder23

6 years ago#8
^Yes. That's exactly what I'm thinking. They say they're working on stuff, right? Why not work on getting Team Invasion online? I hope they listen.

User Info: Neo-ganon

6 years ago#9

They said in that live interview that they were going to do an online team invasion, but due to hardware limitations (and warnings from nintendo) they couldn't pull it off. Also, Im no programmer, but i think they would need more than 3 months to put online invasion into the game, especially if it takes a few months to just get permission from nintendo ALONE to do anything remotely related to online multiplayer.

(the only reason treyarch pulled it off for Black Ops on the wii was because they were funding their own private servers for the game, abstaining from the nintendo WFC support which would have required they use friend codes to talk to people online)

User Info: Kirby_Pwns_All

6 years ago#10
They said the waivers necessary can take 6-8 months to get approved, since it's all done in Japan. Unless they applied for them 5 months ago, it's not likely. It would be nice I guess though.
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