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User Info: naruto3336

6 years ago#1

After all this burst of information and footage, I'm sure everyone has a lot of concerns and opinions about the game. Here are mine:

1. Invasion has to be online. Make this a priority.

2. They need to do something to make this mode more interesting. I dislike the fact where you had to go around looking for enemies. Maybe add a new twist that no other game that has this type of mode has?

3. Mark my words but this game will be criticized for its voice actors. Did you hear Ford's new voice? It just doesn't seem right for Ford's character. I might be wrong but as for now this is my opinion.

4. Multiplayer seems to be the highlight of this game and I must say it looks like HVS will deliver. Mainly no complaints so great job HVS!

5. I think there should be a button to add everyone in the lobby to your rivals list before the game starts so you can chat with them. This saves you the trouble of adding individuals before the match so you can talk with them.

6. Maybe push a little more for co-op campaign? I'm not saying a dedicated campaign for co-op like Portal 2 but just the option to play the same campaign co-operatively. Ofcourse this option doesn't even have to be online as it is just an added bonus but even splitscreen would be awesome.

These are my thoughts/opinions. What are yours?

User Info: Icuras08

6 years ago#2
3. Mark my words but this game will be criticized for its voice actors. Did you hear Ford's new voice? It just doesn't seem right for Ford's character. I might be wrong but as for now this is my opinion.

I think only the people who had strong feelings for his old voice actor will not like his voice actor.
Mr.Ford's character in Conduit 2 is much more lively now, and I can't imagine how his old voice would say, NINJA STYLE!
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User Info: naruto3336

6 years ago#3

Yeah thats what I mean when I said I might be wrong. Depending on what theyre going with his character this might be right but Im just not feeling it with this voice. :S

Oh and another thing. Is it me, or does the cutscene with Adams remind people of HotD:Overkill for some reason?

User Info: Tottentanz

6 years ago#4
I think the darkstar is going to get on people's nerves with it talking all the time. Perhaps an option or an alternative should be in the works to the voice such as 3 lights on the gun lighting up or a signal beep when its ready.

I was amused for a moment, but then reflected on how long I might be around that gun and how annoying that might be to have a chorus of darkstar guns sounding off as a cacophony making my ears bleed.

User Info: The_Shader

6 years ago#5
^ What the hell are you talking about? You shoot the Dark Star and it makes Pew Pew sounds, then you shoot the powered up shot and it makes a big VOOM sound.... since when did the thing ****ing talk???
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User Info: ddd87

6 years ago#6
As tony once said, co-op campaing must be though and planned before everything else in the story mode. There is no way hvs could implement it now in such short time.

But tony did said they would need a short delay for adding online to invasion. I want to know the real reason for its exclusion. I really feel that invasion is quite a shallow game mode, if it had an online component it could be a little more interesting (you get the help of your friends without having a small screen). If there are technical problems with it... Then I will fear for the grinder's fate.

Now the voices... I think the problem is not the voice actor, it is the script.
Ford is way too confident and funny, considering the fact that he just lost his entire family a few minutes ago!

I saw a lighting bug in the china level, enemies were behind walls and their shadows were visible from the other side!

I like the variety of the weapons and how they work. I wouldn't have minded a few more though.

I LOVE the fact that the story mode has non lineal progression, with freedom to replay areas to find missed items and side missions. That plus all the colectibles and achievements will make it a hell of a long game by its single player alone.

I like a few cod style inclusions, like the upgrades and achievements. I dont like the bloody visor as a life display (at least the game seems to lose color like in the original conduit).

User Info: naruto3336

6 years ago#7

I completely agree with the Team Invasion mode being shallow. No matter how much I force myself to like, I just couldn't. I am very sure it has the potential to be very fun with friends and online but as it stands, they need to add some serious things to make it more interesting and adrenaline filled.

I also agree with the script making Ford seem too funny and over-the-top. We will see how the whole story turns out.

I think between now and release time, they should also work to cut down the respawn time. If you're playing a normal game, you should respawn right after the death animation screen is over (which is already about 3-5 seconds of waiting) And if youre the VIP, then you should respawn right after the wait for revival is done.

User Info: Number_34

6 years ago#8
Invasion has to be online. Make this a priority

As long as there is an option to play Invasion mode offline as well. Also, IMO this game would be better if they included bots for the offline multiplayer modes.

User Info: ddd87

6 years ago#9
I ve seen an option to customize the respawn time for splitscreen

User Info: Brownprouder23

6 years ago#10
my main concern is the balance of the perks.
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