We Hypeing yet?

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User Info: moronicron

6 years ago#1
I remember the hype for Tcon. It was madness.
What is a PS3?

User Info: monjamania2000

6 years ago#2
Madness?? THIS IS SPAR-*phase rifle snipe'd*
Bless me lord with many sins, In Jesus name I pray amen!

User Info: ZenoExpert25

6 years ago#3
Well yeah we would be if the game wasnt coming out in April. If no one else is I sure am pissed.
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User Info: Tottentanz

6 years ago#4
I am so hyped that I have put TCon in behind my other games to punish it for C2's misbehavior.

I am currently playing MHTri both on and off line.

User Info: Changlini

6 years ago#5
Madness?? THIS IS SPAR-*phase rifle snipe'd*

Personally, that Drudge riffle had a better effect.
NER , Oh how you haunt me.
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