A few qestions about weapons, health and invasion mode splitscreen

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User Info: PedroMontana

6 years ago#1
First, i'm sure some answers to my questions are somewhere on this board, but i couldn't find them. I also never played the first Conduit.
So, here are my questions:

1. Can Invasion mode be played in 4 player splitscreen? I was VERY disappointed with CoD BO's Zombie mode only being for 2 players (PS3 version).

2. How are the sizes of the maps? I think the maps of BO and MW2 are way too large. I liked the maps of Goldeneye.

2. How is the health system? I hate the super low health most recent shooters have, i prefer to have more health like in the FPS from the 90s.
I'm also not a fan of this regenerating health nonsense, but i guess in sci fi games like this or Halo i can live with it.

3. How are weapon pick ups handled in single and multiplayer? Is it necessary to push a button to pick up something? Is there a weapon limit?
I know you start with a loadout of 2 weapons in multiplayer, but is it possible to pick up additional ones?

Thanks in advance.
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User Info: ddd87

6 years ago#2
1: Yes, either alone or with up to three friends on the same console.

2: There is a large variety, but I dont think any map is/will be gigantic.

3: Same as halo and CoD. Wait a little and your health regenerates quickly. There are options for private matches and splitscreen competitive that lets you control how much health you can recover.

4: Only 2. You walk over a gun and hold Reload to discard your current weapon and pick the new one.

User Info: The_Shader

6 years ago#3
^ Everything he said is basically on the ball. Halo: Reach however has Spartans recovering shields, but not health and needed med-packs to recover lost health. And yes, theres lots of customization to private matches offline and online that can mess with health, damage multipliers, and even gravity.

1. Yes, invasion mode can be played 4 player splitscreen. You can use Wiimote+nunchuck, CC, or CCPro, but no other controllers. And the graphics take a serious dive when using splitscreen.

2. From the looks of it, the sizes of maps vary once again. Theres tiny maps and big maps and maps that vary inbetween. I too loved the maps in GoldenEye Wii... and The Conduits maps were just fine. The new ones have more detail (alot actually) with some of The Conduits maps making a return. Expect some rather large maps along with some rather tiny ones.

2. You have good amount of health and alot of bullets to the body will be needed to take you down. However, headshots matter alot in this game, and picking off the heads greatly speed up the kills. Regeneration is there, and theres Upgrades to quicken regeneration (if you crouch). The Conduit had med-packs to pick up to instantly recover your health, but we are not sure if they make a return. Theres Upgrades that increase the damage you can do, and the amount of damage you can take... so theres that.

3. You can only carry 2 weapons at one time. Killing other players/enemies will cause them to drop the weapon that they are using at their time of death. You have to PRESS and HOLD your disignated 'Reload' button in order to switch you current weapon with the weapon off the ground.
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User Info: PedroMontana

6 years ago#4
Thanks for the quick answers. The maps, invasion and health stuff sounds good to me, very promising.
I'm not too happy about the weapon limit, but most FPS do this nowadays, so whatever.
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User Info: Changlini

6 years ago#5
Doesn't that uh... Weapon wheel(Forgot the correct name) return in Resistance 3?
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User Info: RyuHoly

6 years ago#6
Dose Conduit 2 hav 2 player split-screen online?

User Info: SmallerRidley

6 years ago#7
No, only one person can play online per Wii.
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