if the the game wasnt delayed, we could have had the game by now D:

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  3. if the the game wasnt delayed, we could have had the game by now D:

User Info: Simok123

6 years ago#1
...indeed.....I kinda hope it stays april 19th, even though we heard rumors of it now being april 5th, I want spril 19th cause that is during spring break for me :3

am I tconslayer?

User Info: LigersRule

6 years ago#2
Actually, the first date they gave was technically "End of 2010"....

But, true, February 15th was technically the first date that had an actual day, not just an ETA.
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User Info: SonicRecords

6 years ago#3
Rumors of it being April 5? Awesome, that's my birthday. I seriously doubt this game will be worse than Goldeneye. It is most likely going to be better.
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User Info: ddd87

6 years ago#4
The april 5th is just a rumor, it has recently been reconfirmed for the 19th

User Info: Icuras08

6 years ago#5
Yeah.. I dream't that I finally had this game. When I started the game, I was treated with Alvin and the Chipmunks 3. Turns out I had to watch all 3 hours of the movie before I could actually play the game.

I guess that symbolizes the undying wait for this game. I DID play the game in my sleep to, and it was amazing.
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User Info: Brownprouder23

6 years ago#6
^ wut...

User Info: xXDa-KidXx

6 years ago#7

Yeah we would, HVS those bastards... :/

User Info: The_Shader

6 years ago#8
i'm so grateful for HVS and their dedicated work.... those guys can ****ing deliver when it comes to quality gaming.

I'm so very happy for the delays, the game keeps looking better and better with each new video reveal. With more time, comes more time to fix bugs and glitches before release!
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User Info: Yo_Yo_Yoshi

6 years ago#9
It's great that HVS delayed the game. They are only improving it. I don't mind waiting if it's really worth it. The graphics, gameplay, online, everything benefits because of the later release date.
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User Info: mode333

6 years ago#10
as long as they are using this time wisely, i have no problem with them delaying it.
However, if we get the game and it's completely glitchy and easily hackable like the first one, i'm done with
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  3. if the the game wasnt delayed, we could have had the game by now D:

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