so, how did they manage to actually invade DC?

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  3. so, how did they manage to actually invade DC?

User Info: Neo-ganon

6 years ago#1

Walk me through this. i know that the bug played a crucial role in the invasion, but it wouldnt have been an alien invasion without the drudge. how did nobody notice anyone setting up That gigantic alien wormhole in the subway system? or the smaller ones and the big alien egg sacs around the city for that matter? Its not like they can just appear out of nowhere (it is demonstrated in C2 that Adams requires technicians to set up a conduit). I hope they answer these questions. Im really interested in learning about the drudge invasion strategy

User Info: The_Shader

6 years ago#2
Well first of all, Adams has been alive for hundreds of years, and has been cloning Drudge for a lengthy amount of time. He created the Trust, and has been in contact with Prometheaus for who knows how long. He had a plan to start it all, step by step to get whatever his goal is accomplished.... in shorter words, he had everything set up before the invasion actually happened.

-The 'Drudge Conduits' are probably different than the ones the Trust use, since the Conduits the Drudge use are surrounded by bio material substance.
- With the Bug taking over the normal soldiers and populace, Adams begins to send out his already owned armies to set whatever he wants up.
-First came the Drudge, the flying ones, and the Invaders. But during which, Drudge have 'created' conduits somehow all on their own as they spread their invasion about DC, while also putting eggs in many various places.

Also, it would seem that Conduits do need a little work before they are used, but by the looks of it, thats only when they are configuring different coordinates for a new location.
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User Info: mode333

6 years ago#3
As Shader said above me, they had someone on the inside: Adams.
and he's high up in the american government, plus he has his puppets, it's not that hard to deduce this.
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  3. so, how did they manage to actually invade DC?

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