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User Info: DivinityStripes

6 years ago#1
I'm wondering how much this game will control like the first one. Basically if you were pretty good in the first one could you be pretty good at Conduit 2 from the get go? :P
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User Info: RyokoWins

6 years ago#2
Most likely, but even if it's not the same, you'll be able to tweak just about everything to your liking.
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User Info: DivinityStripes

6 years ago#3
^-^ Yeah, The Conduit did just perfect on the controls. I absolutely love how you can decrease the size of the Dead Box. It makes absolutely no sense to me to have to point your reticule to the sides of the screen to turn.

Though, that makes me wonder more, on how different the settings are, such as if you set Cursor Sensitivity to 60 in the first Conduit and in Conduit 2, would they act the same way? Would they be equally sensitive?
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User Info: The_Shader

6 years ago#4
Controls will be the same, just as customizable, and probably even more so this time around.
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User Info: DivinityStripes

6 years ago#5
Ah, very good. :) Thank you The_Shader.
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User Info: psychobrew

6 years ago#6
I hope they let you import your control settings from the first one. That would be a nice little reward for those of us who bought it.

User Info: elheber

6 years ago#7
In The Conduit, I jumped with C and crouched with Z. The A button was my melee and D-Pad Down was my reload. I invented the fastest way to fire the SPAS (it's well documented), so this was my setup for it.

For this game, the A button will be my alt-fire, D-Pad Down will be my melee, and Right will be my reload. I'm not sure if I'll be able to pump cancel the SPAS in this game, though.
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User Info: USPmasta

6 years ago#8
My setup was fairly simple for conduit, bit the addition of alt fire will make things considerably different.
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User Info: DivinityStripes

6 years ago#9
@psychobrew: I also hope that you'll be able to import controls. If you ever made different files in the first Conduit, you should probably know it was a pain to copy all the settings you had in other files.
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User Info: rickhunter2044

6 years ago#10
Will the classic controller pro be custom program able.

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