This reviving system....

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User Info: gr295

6 years ago#1

makes no sense. After watching many of the direct feed multiplayer videos, I still can't grasp how dying works. Can you choose to die? Or do you have to have sombody to revive you? Or someting?

User Info: Chrobert

6 years ago#2
You get shot and lose all you health you die. You have a respawn counter, and while its counting down you can be revived. Then, after it reaches zero you can choose to sit there and wait be revived, or to "Embrace Death" and respawn.
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User Info: SmallerRidley

6 years ago#3
From what I've seen, there isn't much benefit to reviving except experience for the reviver.
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User Info: Kirby_Pwns_All

6 years ago#4
After a while, if you still haven't respawned, the game will automatically respawn you (in 20 seconds or something like that). I think that if an enemy shoots you again while you're down, you have no more option to be revived and have to wait for a respawn to be available. I still wonder whether anyone gets points for this though... Guess we'll find out when the game comes out.

User Info: Changlini

6 years ago#5
Reviving is awesome.

I had a moment of in Black ops where a teammate with SCP revived me when I got down from defending C. Just as I get back up some random person comes in from behind that teammate, downing it while I shoot him/her. OTP gets destroyed while my SCP buddy shoots this other guy I don't see.

I then revive him/her and we both continue on our separate paths to win the match.
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User Info: SupahShnipa

6 years ago#6
You can also shoot people on the enemy team who are calling for a revive.
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User Info: Simok123

6 years ago#7
here it is in a nutshell; you die and it gives the person who killed you the kill, but you can call for help to be revived, but you can just start the respawn when it says the respawn is ready and you can choose to be revived or just start the respawn. I think if the player you killed doesnt get revived and dies for good, you get an assassination, but it doesnt count as a real kill. Now do you get it?

User Info: Simok123

6 years ago#8

I hate the reviving system in black ops, or second chance at all for that matter. It steals kills. its esspecially annoying for snipers like myself. I can shoot a guy with the L96 and he doesnt die. Okay, so I shoot him again, he goes in second chance, I try to shoot him again but die trying. Then I respawn and figure out he got revived and I get NO credit what so ever! hell he should have died on the first shot! Maybe this isnt a problem for everyone else in the game, because 93% of the game is just Famas and AUG and thats it, with little skill involved. Barely anyone snipes.

So yeah...I hate the revival system in Black Ops. The one in C2 seems much more fair.

User Info: The_Shader

6 years ago#9
^ They have changed some things, unless your just talking about the Wii version of Black Ops, which i dont have, nor care about. And the L9 isnt always the best sniper rifle to choose... for multiple reasons.

Bringing a guy into Second Chance, then him getting killed by a teammate, still nets you that kill, with your teammate getting an assist. ((Or the Execution medal if he finished off the downed enemy in the head.))

And the L9 is great for getting those one hit kills the most often.... but because of its second worst accuraccy, and long time between shots ((which means more time between aiming)) its not good against second chancers, or times when your unlucky enough to NOT get that one hit kill.

So its the Dragunov for me.... that, and its normal scope has a big arrow for a crosshair which is so nice. ((10 bullets in the clip, and virtually no recoil. It has the worst accuracy, but allows me to double tap just incase of guys that survive, or i miss the first shot.))

i'm currently trying to do good with the PSG1 sniper.... i'm falling inlove with its accuracy.
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User Info: Neo-ganon

6 years ago#10

I honestly think that they should just limit the whole reviving thing to it being a perk. call it "clinging to life" or something. or they could let you do mercy kills to shut up the duke nukem esqe voices. or both.

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