who here ISNT joining any clans?

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User Info: ZBug_

6 years ago#41
I want be joining a clan. It's pretty much pointless.
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"I've never in my life wanted to punch a girl like I want to right now" Light Yagami

User Info: LigersRule

6 years ago#42
I guess this is why I hate clans. It irks me to be around ppl who aren't serious enough to handle their **** and want to "just, you know, hang out with 'friends'and stuff" eihh...Gives me chills... People who are tougher in groups are the bane of my existence. I want to run over them with a bulldozer...

That is the exact opposite reason as most people say they hate clans. Why so bass-ackward, Sudsy?
He that speaks much is much mistaken -Benjamin Franklin
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  3. who here ISNT joining any clans?

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