Why I like Conduit 2 and the Wii

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User Info: ngrodamus

6 years ago#1

About a month before its release and game critics are all starting to hype Conduit 2 as an "impressive shooter" and "superior sequel". In fact many seem to agree that this game will be a great game...well... a great game for the Wii. This implies that this game cannot stand up to other games like Halo or Gears of War simply due to its graphics or processing power. In fact, many game critics believe that all Wii games are in a seperate class because of lower quality graphics and processing power, its actually a general zeitgeist on this site.

Now I know there are some people here who don't value the Wii for its processing power or graphics, but rather their variety of unique software. These people enjoy the novelty of the storylines only seen on Wii. Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Goldeneye, No More Heroes, Conduit etc. are valued by players because they enjoy the unique stories and characters found in these games that you can't get anywhere else. Its not about graphics or processing power to them...but its also not about the Wii's motion controls. These players are happier using the Classic Controller Pro than ever having to stand or move the Wii remote. These players probably would agree that the quality of Wii games is slightly trumped by other systems, but they value the software so much that they would rather play the Wii. The problem with these players is that sooner or later they are going to find out that they would all be much happier playing different software and a faster system.

The other sect of Wii fans is not quite a rare breed, but certainly rare in the instance that they consider themself to be anymore than casual gamers. These people relish in the unique experience of the motion controls. They can have a good time playing Wii Sports for the simple appreciation of the unique experience it grants. But its this group of fairweather game players that have the most progressive hold on gaming.

While traditional gamers see the motion hungry Wii audience as outsiders attracted by a superficial gimick supported by shallow software, there are many of these players who find a greater value in the Wii than the 360 or PS3 for much different reasons. While the family down the block or the senior citizens in the home were certainly attracted to the Wii's shallow commitmentless style of play, there are some who see the motion controls as much more than a temporary gimmick.

I for one have a PS3 and several games for the system and am upset by everything I own. Not that none of the games aren't quality items- they all certainly are- but I am upset rather by the lack of innovation. With the invasion of the Playstation and Playstation 2 we got a host of games of almost every genre. Then we got sequels with better stories, smoother gameplay and better graphics. Then we got more sequels with better stories, smoother gameplay and better graphics. Then they reached a limit, so they built a new console that could host new games, with new stories, and new graphics. The problem is...I've been playing that same damn game since 1997. Sure the graphics, gameplay, and stories have improved, but not that radically. Suddenly characters were able to jump when they couldn't before, or carry different gadgets; the running felt different, the punches and aiming may have been more precise- but it all was built upon the traditional gaming experience of the original playstation and xbox. I've played through those games a million times with a controller in hand...investing into the games storyline and being "wowed" by the expansion of the game's "new" capabilities, but I've come to realize, I've been investing in only minor upgrades of games that I've been hundreds of times before.

The Wii on the other hand, broke this cycle of uninspired developing. I've used my thumbs to maneuver James Bond to his objective countless amounts of times on other consoles, so much so that I don't really give a damn what the mission is anymore. On Goldeneye Wii, however, I was able to maneuver bond by pointing a gun at the screen at looking to my left and right. If I wanted to shoot a villain in the head, I pointed at his head and pulled the trigger. If you haven't done it, try it, it's a lot more satisfying than joysticking your cursor to an enemies head...because its not like you've ever done that before...

Its in this way that I don't understand why people don't value the Wii and its gaming experience. The motion controls are so unlike anything that had been used before that its miles ahead of its competitors. In fact, this is the very reason why 3rd party developers are AWFUL at designing games for the Wii. All of them are stuck in the mindset of traditional joystick gaming, what we've known for over a decade. When third party publishers come out with a game, not only does it not fully integrate motion controls, but its gameplay and content are awful because they're confounded by the Wii's limited memory and processing power, creating an absolute **** game. This does indeed hurt the Wii's credibilidy, but in contrast it should only accentuate the value of the remarkable 1st party games. When games by Nintendo employ the controls correctly, not only are these games "good for the Wii", they're far superior to so many games on the market because they innovate the experience of playing.

I believe that Conduit 2 will exemplify this fact. This team is not only making this game to take advantage of a niche market within Wii users, but also because they understand the value of the Wii's extremely innovative gameplay. To attract those who still value the storyline and graphics, they have pushed the limit on those aspects of the game. But in the end the game will be judged primarily on traditional gaming standards and whether it does or does not live up to those standards. Sure the motion controls will be factored in the games overall critique, but not in a serious light that could ever warrant this game's superiority to 360 or PS3 shooters.

But that's the way it goes in the world of modern gamers. Not many are hungry for drastically innovative gameplay and it can be seen in many of the rumors for next generation onsoles. It seems many are eager to speculate on new processors and memory capabilities of the next generation. How lame is that? Years of waiting for a console that looks slightly better and runs slightly faster. Even if it does yield "groundbreaking" visuals, it's a rehashing of the original psx and xbox core gameplay. The gaming community even speculates that the new Nintendo console, or Wii 2, will simply be an upgrade to HD with bluray support. This speculation is hardly based off of any reliable data, but is simply a reflection of what the gaming community wants. That's innovation at its laziest.

Sure, I believe that graphics, memory, and processing power have their value, and as they improve they immerse the player more and improve the experience, but that seems to be only half of the video gaming experience. The other half should be about the physical engagement of the player. Video games have always been about hand-eye coordination, in fact its this user relation to the screen that drives the players connection to the video game. All consoles other than nintendo have minimized in evolving this connection. Nintendo, on the other hand, has strived to improve this hand-eye relation with the video game and will continue to do so. It's in this way that the Wii surpassed the archaic gaming experience of the 360 and PS3 years ago.

User Info: The_Shader

6 years ago#2
Very good read. You should work as a game reviewer. i too hated how the new systems are just 'better graphics' versions of past games. nothing entirely new or innovative to any genres save for a few exceptional games.

But about games where they arent favored by hardcore games with waving the wiimote about.... Madworld is a perfect example of good Wiimote controls. Making stabbing motions at the ground with the Wiimote and Nunchuck while your character in-game stabs the living **** out of someone is EXTREMELY satisfying. ((Especially the end where you flick the wiimote up to skewer the stabbed persons head onto your knife.))

Yeah, the PS360 werent exactly innovative as the Wii, but they caught on with the Playstation Move and Kinect. And i'm surprised you left the 3DS absent.

Nintendo's next innovation isnt on Wii 2, but with the 3DS. Take pictures of anything and make them 3D, gyroscopes in the handheld can be easily used in any game. ((looking up or down, left or right with your character can be done by moving the 3DS in those directions. So if you want Link to look up at the sky, hold the 3DS above your head, and face it towards the sky!))

Nintendo is all about innovation, and i believe they'll make a new console game with even more innovations. Its only been 20 years since the NES after all.
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User Info: psychobrew

6 years ago#3
The only reason I bought a Wii was to have a console that I could play FPSs on without having to use dual analog controls (which ruin FPSs). I also liked the change of pace from the sports games.

Since the PS3 got Move, I've been tempted to get one but I look at the price of the entire system and think I should just get back in to PC gaming (I need a new PC anyway). I just don't care for those balls at the end of the Move remotes.

User Info: Valdimir_Drega

6 years ago#4
I'd have to agree 100% with ngrodamus. There are so many people that I've met who are convinced that the creative minds at Nintendo have to be completely out of ideas by now. They're professionals as what they do, innovate, and Nintendo has been at the height of gaming innovation since the N64 days.

Other gaming companies have copied virtually every single one of Nintendo's original concepts since the N64 was released. The compact joystick controller (original PS1 controllers didnt have them), the rumble feature, backlit handheld systems, the touch screen, and motion controls are all good examples of this. It is true, they haven't pushed things in the graphical aesthetic, but that's because they're a smaller company that has to be more financially prudent.

Unlike Sony and Microsoft, who actually lost great deals of money creating their next-gen systems, Nintendo doesn't have a great deal of residual income from other products such as computers, tv's, dvd players, movies, etc. So, they're simply biding their time in order to take advantage of HD technology when it's relatively cheap. In addition, I'm convinced that the "Wii 2" isn't just going to be an HD upgrade from its predicessor, Nintendo has got something else up their sleeves as they always have.

It's only a matter of time.
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User Info: gr295

6 years ago#5


I 100% agree too. I just got a PS3 for Christmas, mainly for GT5. (I can't play M games, either.) It turns out that GT5 is just a remake of 4 with different menus, online play, and more cars and tracks. That's why I don't really play it anymore. I played 4 for at least 2 years. That doesn't mean 5 sucks, it's just that there's no innovation. I'm happy that when my parents let me play M games, I'll have more options, but other than that, It's not really useful.

*Completely unrelated note*

Why do they make games like COD super graphic? I understand it's warfare, but it's a GAME. They could easily get a lot more sales if it was T. Also, why don't they rate it with the gore off? I know it's an option, and it turns it into a game no more violent that Conduit. And when I buy an FPS, i buy mostly for multiplayer, and that's not graphic at all. I know this just sounds like a dumb little kid rant, but I have a point, right?

User Info: The_Shader

6 years ago#6
^ Well... most of the gamers in the world are above the age of 15, seeing as how alot of us started out with the NES when we were five. Even then though.. i remember watching some gorey ass movies when i was 8-10, my parents didnt care about that stuff.

But CoD is all about realism... even if theres aspects of the game that completely destroy the 'realism' its supposed to showcase. Realistic graphics and gameplay, thats what CoD tries to accomplish. ((Hence the 1-5 bullet kills with any weapon.))
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User Info: gr295

6 years ago#7

I know this will probably start a flame war, but I started with the PS2. So...............Yeah........But what about Halo and games like that? That's what I meant when I said COD-like. I think it's just mah parents, 'cause everyone else my age I know plays CoD and Halo and etc. all the time.

User Info: The_Shader

6 years ago#8
From PS2 onwards, they are all exactly the same. The PS2 though has quite a few games that were insanely unique and innovative. My favorite of which with those traits is "Shadow of the Colossus". One of the best games i've ever played in my 22 years of life.

If you started from the NES you'd see how Nintendo innovated everything. NES had Duck Hunt with the Gun Controller. Along with the first games that went on into historys greatest game franchises. Then the SNES and its 16-bit glory. Genesis was a close second.

Then the N64.... a true masterpiece. When it first came out, there were CROWDS of people inside Wal-Marts and any type of big stores, where the N64 was out for anyone to play, while inside a big plastic, thief proof case. And above the N64 was a massive TV with ((and always)) someone playing Super Mario 64. Oh the smiles everyone had....

Despite the weird controller, it was made to fit any game. Side scrollers could use the D-Pad on the left side, while 3D games used the middle handle. Then playstation came along.... if it werent for the Final Fantasy series, i doubt it would have lasted.

TL;DR, Innovation is what Nintendo's good at... and i believe they'll be the first to bring Virtual Reality gaming to homes everywhere.
Sparkster returns after 16 years in..... "Rocket Knight"
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User Info: dankbeast003

6 years ago#9
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User Info: gaby2107

6 years ago#10
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