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User Info: Brownprouder23

6 years ago#1

Sorry if this has been posted before. In the video, lock-on is explained to be the same. Seems iffy to believe since they don't seem to know what they are talking about completely. Dr.Churro seems to studder/pause a lot and not know how to answer some of the questions.

User Info: tconslayer

6 years ago#2

I don't think it's the same, I just think Dr.Churro was just under pressure, and diddn't know how to put things.

User Info: SmallerRidley

6 years ago#3
Hard to say. All videos point to the lock being looser.
Surely there's no problem with them putting me in Brawl, right?
It's ****ing satire, damnit. My quote rocks your socks.

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