so, where in the american south west is "presipice" located?

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  3. so, where in the american south west is "presipice" located?

User Info: Neo-ganon

6 years ago#1

...if i spelled "presipice" right.

User Info: ddd87

6 years ago#2
America is a very large continent, its south west would be Chile, Peru, Ecuador, etc... ;)

User Info: Shade_1

6 years ago#3
My guess is in the Arizona/New Mexico area, where the Pueblo Indians lived

User Info: Changlini

6 years ago#4
At first, I thought it was Atlantis.

After watching more videos that recently shown up, I got confused until I saw that logo.

Anyways, the wild west?
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User Info: ff_10_master

6 years ago#5
arizona, new mexico, maybe nevada.

User Info: Shade_1

6 years ago#6

User Info: CelticLink94

6 years ago#7
Roswell, NM would be my guess
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User Info: mode333

6 years ago#8
awwww :(
i live in arizona and it would've been cool if it had taken place here.

but roswell does make more sense.
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User Info: SmallerRidley

6 years ago#9
Wherever they have those cliff-caves. I forget exactly where those were.
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User Info: psychobrew

6 years ago#10
I remember an interview talking about part of the game taking place near the border of Colorado and Arizona.
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  3. so, where in the american south west is "presipice" located?

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