The Nintendo Power review is in, and Conduit 2 scores...

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User Info: The_Shader

6 years ago#111
DivinityStripes posted...
I didn't think people took reviews so seriously!

Nobody is taking the review seriously, we are reacting to how little detailed the review is, and how it doesnt touch into the multiplayer at all.
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User Info: DivinityStripes

6 years ago#112
^-^' Ah, I see The_Shader. Thank you for quelling my worries.
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User Info: Kirby_Pwns_All

6 years ago#113
The worst part about this is that for those of us who care at all about reviews, there won't be anything to compare it to for a while, since the game comes out in mid-April. Good times.

In the mean time: let the passive-aggressiveness continue!

User Info: super600

6 years ago#114

Let's wait until trustworthy reviews come out. This sounded a lot like a preview to a game for me.

User Info: ddd87

6 years ago#115
There are some people (like myself) that have no other choice than using all reviews to determine a purchase.
This one aside, if all reviews are like 7 or 6... I might reconsider getting the game at launch time at full price, or at all.

User Info: malvingt2

6 years ago#116
Turndawg107 posted...
hazmatkr3w posted...
Aww, that sucks, cuz on paper Conduit 2 should be better than GE.

It now only should be better on paper, but it IS far superior on paper. First we have a campaign mode that does not involve going in a straight line and shooting up mobs of cheap mooks without any skill, only to continue until you reach a QTE-infested cutscene, etc. The fact that C2 apparently has nonlinear level progression should be a hint anyway. There also are the bosses, which as we know, are more frequent than the Leviathan shown. What else? How about actually having a weapon roster that isn't just every single goddamn real-life gun around? Don't forget all the graffiti, conspiracy objects, weapon blueprints, and level coordinates hidden throughout the game and discoverable with the ASE, offering far more replay value than GEWii could ever dream of creating.

How about multiplayer? GEWii has a fairly robust system, except it plays identical to CoD without the extra goodness that people play CoD for. To contrast, C2 plays completely differently, which in this day and age is an extremely welcome relief when all we have is the whole "running around with no life where melee strikes are one-hit kills always" and junk like that. Also there's the level design. GEWii had, what, about 3, maybe 4 maps that people actually liked? Even those maps were extremely mediocre and encouraged tired old playstyles from the usual CoD crowd. Also we have the modes. GE has a number of interesting game modes, but most of the time it's impossible to play anything that isn't TDM, whereas C2 has a far wider variety of modes, ranging from the traditional to outright wacky. Lastly, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, we have the local multi. This is where C2 can truly shine above not only GE, but EVERY OTHER FPS PUT ON WII SINCE LAUNCH. For the first time on the Wii, we actually have a FPS where the splitscreen mode provides just as many features, options, and game modes as the online play, IF NOT MORE. Players can tweak dozens and dozens of settings and options to set the game up the way they want. What does GE have? generic preset loadouts, a number of fun options merely labeled "cheats", and even more butchered versions of the online maps. Also, don't forget SPLITSCREEN Invasion, something no other Wii FPS can say they have.

I may be biased towards C2, but I appreciated the weapon design and conspiracy theories of the original. I usually buy games off of the feelings I get from observations, and from what I've seen of C2, it looks like it will have the one aspect that all games should have: FUN. Obviously I disagree with the reviewer, and, to be quite honest, I almost feel like he didn't even play the game with the score he gave. Maybe I'll understand more if I read the whole thing, but from what I've heard about it, I doubt that.

You just need to calm down and Wait for more reviews. NP review is odd I give you that but what can we do about it? nothing....
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User Info: Changlini

6 years ago#117

Is nothing part of the quote?

Wait, didn't see that sentence. I'd recommend hitting enter when the italics ends.
Also, from same review?

Nevemind anything on this post, just figured out that, that's a user quote.

NER , Oh how you haunt me.
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User Info: Guovssohas

6 years ago#118
IMO, when a review doesn't review the whole game then it isn't a review, what the hell is the point reviewing half the game? It's basically a preview, a simple one.

User Info: Turndawg107

6 years ago#119
malvingt2 posted...
You just need to calm down and Wait for more reviews. NP review is odd I give you that but what can we do about it? nothing....

I never stated that I was angry at anyone. I merely pointed out all the aspects in which Conduit 2 could easily beat out GEWii on paper. Like practically everyone else here, I'm already guaranteed to get C2 and love the hell out of it, and this review has no impact on my opinion to do so. It is simply disappointing to see such a low quality review in terms of actual content.

I just whipped out an old NP from 2000, and even though ever game review then was only half a page, the reviewers(yes, plural!) made sure to cover the following:
Play Control
Game Design

It is just sad to see such a magazine fall so hard.

User Info: Yus_Man

6 years ago#120
The review was garbage lol. Out of like 3-4 page of the review only like 1 or 2 paragraphs were on the mp, which it a big part of this game. More so than single player in my eyes. So it doesn't make sense why they wouldn't go over multi-player a bit more than they did. I've never really liked/trusted Nintendo Power reviews anyway. This was just a bad review.
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