Conduit 2: "We can compete with Black Ops and GoldenEye"

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User Info: Turndawg107

6 years ago#1

Interesting interview. It's mostly just opinions, but still an entertaining read. Currently loving this line from Nofsinger:

The trend tends to be towards realism and bigger weapons. You know, this one has a larger clip and this shotgun is bigger than this shotgun which is kind of boring. So that's something that we wanted to take a stance on and do something a little bit different.

User Info: raysnds1

6 years ago#2
thank you for the article....

User Info: PedroMontana

6 years ago#3
So that's what Conduit 2 says.
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User Info: Phasmatis92

6 years ago#4
I agree with his critique of weapons being pretty generic in most modern shooters.
Remember the good ol' days where stuff like the BFG, Shrink Ray, Gravity Gun, and Voodoo Doll were commonplace instead of just 7 barely different SMGs? Yup, that's why I like Conduit 2... ;)

User Info: IIChaosOfWarIII

6 years ago#5
I hope this game is better then both. Goldeneye only held me for a few hours Black Ops about 10-15. Conduit 1 even with its flaws was still strangely addicting.

User Info: halbedier22

6 years ago#6
The Conduit had a ton of potential, but was completely broken in regards to online play.

CoD games on Wii were borderline terrible compared to their PS360 counterparts. I gave up on CoD games after Reflex... maybe blops was better, but I don't like CoD games in general. BC2 blows CoD out of the water.

Goldeneye was a huge disappointment for me as well. IMO, it was a reskinned CoD game and completely lacked the fun that I was expecting. I was so excited when they announced that game being that I played the hell out of Goldeneye 64 and even more Perfect Dark.

I kinda feel like The Conduit 2 is too little too late. Almost everyone I played Wii games with has moved on to PS3 or 360 due to the lack of good games.

Why should I pay for and play The Conduit 2 now that I own a PS3 w/ Move? seriously? I would love to play a good shooter on the Wii again but I was so let down with every shooter I played after MoHH2 that I don't wanna end up wasting my money on a Wii game again.
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User Info: Icuras08

6 years ago#7
I have more fun on Conduit than the other shooters.
Maybe it's because I spawned right in front of the carbonizer yesterday, and the last time I used that online was when the game first came out.

Man, with loadouts, we'll have no more of the Explosive set nonsense, and I'll finally get to use these sweet weapons more!
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