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User Info: ocarinaoftasi

6 years ago#1
The last week before release, I'm gona train hardcore on Conduit and run through Campaign again.

When I get the game, I'll start a splitscreen match with my siblings. As they pick their wondrous and shinynew guns, I'm gonna pick the SMAW and troll them to death, just like on GoldenEye.

I'm such a great, loving older brother. :D
Hey, my name is Tasi. You may address me as such if you wish. =]
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User Info: cotton3434

6 years ago#2
I'm going to... my ass off at my new job so I can afford an HD TV, as my current one emits static at banshee shriek volume, to the point where I can't stand turning the thing on. After that, I'll buy the game if reviews are at a general consensus that it's far better than the first Conduit (which sucked lots, imo).

After that... Well, I'll probably beat the single player, go online and suck a lot for a little while, and then get lucky and have the usual winning streak for a while, and then go back to sucking. Tis always this way with me and online FPS games (not that I play em much).

*sigh* Too bad it'll be a month before I get my first paycheck, not counting the one that I'm splitting between my traffic ticket and donating to Japan. :/
Ashes in the Snow / Hymn to the Immortal Wind / Mono

User Info: The_Shader

6 years ago#3
Buy a new set of rechargeable batteries, and a mini-refrigerator to set up in my game room.

Move all my assorted 'stash' of favorite foods and energy related snacks into the corner of said game room. And keep a bottle of instant knockout sleeping pills for when my alarm hits 1am.

Hunker down for a couple weeks until Conduit 2 comes out.

uhh.. i mean after... it comes out... <_< .... >_>
Sparkster returns after 16 years in..... "Rocket Knight"
My Alias for Wii Online = "Shader" Monster Hunter Tri = "Deimos"

User Info: ff_10_master

6 years ago#4
go online and play XD
yo im MC Lethal Weapon 1, 2, and 3.
i really liked those movies but the fourth dissapointed me! - MC Lethal Weapon 1, 2, and 3, wtf collective

User Info: Phasmatis92

6 years ago#5
Probably be working my ar$e off at Uni; in my 3rd year now and things are pretty intense. Thankfully, the game's release coincides with my Autumn break... ;)

User Info: Guovssohas

6 years ago#6
Im going straight to online, that's all i care about. In BOwii i didn't even touch the singleplayer campaign.

User Info: SmallerRidley

6 years ago#7
Do homework, write papers, take tests, do labs.

Oh, and play the game in some facet.
Surely there's no problem with them putting me in Brawl, right?
It's ****ing satire, damnit. My quote rocks your socks.

User Info: raysnds1

6 years ago#8
play a little single player.....

but i think (like most people) i want the online play...

User Info: gr295

6 years ago#9

Finish campaign, then go to multiplayer. As for waiting, I'm going to DC next week, so I'm gonna try to find those doors under the Jefferson Memorial...

User Info: Bomolochus

6 years ago#10

I'm going to go through the single player first. Might as well grab a few free unlockables that way for online.

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