What Will Your Loadouts Be?

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User Info: ZvolTx

6 years ago#1
What will your loadouts be? For a list of weapons and perks, go here:


Just scroll down a little bit and you will find them.
GE007:: S]-Elza-[D

User Info: ZvolTx

6 years ago#2
Okay so I looked over the perks and whatnot, and came up with some set-ups that I wont neccesarily have all the time but I may use them for special purposes or something but idk.

1. Medic

Primary - Hive Cannon or Shrieker
Secondary - Warp Pistol
Grenade - Radiation Grenade
P. Upgrade - Reverse Damage
S. Upgrade 1 - Bomb Bag
S. Upgrade 2 - Field Medicine
S. Upgrade 3 - Improved Energy Damage

2. Scout

Primary - AR-C Eclipse
Secondary - MP5KA4
Grenade - Flash Grenade
P. Upgrade - Stealth
S. Upgrade 1 - Metal Legs
S. Upgrade 2 - Supercharger
S. Upgrade 3 - Improved Melee

3. Guard (1)

Primary - AEGIS Device
Secondary - HVS45
Grenade - Fragmentation Grenade
P. Upgrade - AEGIS Specialization
S. Upgrade 1 - Bomb Bag
S. Upgrade 2 - Mending
S. Upgrade 3 - Light Armor
4. Guard (2)

Primary - Widowmaker Turret
Secondary - MP5KA4
Grenade - Fragmentation Grenade
P. Upgrade - Widowmaker Specialization
S. Upgrade 1 - Ammo Belt
S. Upgrade 2 - Blinding Powder
S. Upgrade 3 - Improved Ballistics Damage

5. Tank

Primary - SMAW or TPC Launcher
Secondary - MP5KA4
Grenade - Fragmentation Grenade
P. Upgrade - Heavy Armor
S. Upgrade 1 - Helmet
S. Upgrade 2 - Quickness
S. Upgrade 3 - Light Armor

I also have another one that I am thinking will be my main set-up, but I am not sure until I actually get to try different things out

X. Pwnage

Primary - Dark Star, Carbonizer Mk16, or AR-C Eclipse
Secondary - Deatomizer Mk4
Grenade - Fragmentation Grenade
P.Upgrade - Energy Focus
S. Upgrade 1 - Stabilizer
S. Upgrade 2 - Supercharger
S. Upgrade 3 - Improved Energy Damage
GE007:: S]-Elza-[D

User Info: ZvolTx

6 years ago#3
A quick explanation of each of these:

1. Medic: This gives me 3 Radiation Grenades so I can heal alot. I paired Improved Energy Damage with this so the Radiation Grenades will also do more damage and possibly heal more. I chose Drudge weapons because they are energy so the S. 1 perk will do them good too. Plus they are fairly small guns so I will move fairly quickly.

2. Scout: I gave this set-up stealth so I can remain undetected. I also gave it increased movement speed so I will have better manuverability to be able to get places faster. I also gave it unlimited sprint so I can move even faster about the battlefield. The Flash Grenade is for if someone sees me, I can get them quick with it and get away.

3. Guard (1): This one is made for games such as Team ASE Ball or VIP matches and such. I am able to keep the shield up to guard whatever I may want, and I can also crouch to regain health faster if I do manage to get hurt when guarding something. This is for protecting moving subjects.

4. Guard (2): This is the ultimate camper. I am able to set up the turret with it automonously shooting at enemies shall they come near. I paired the MP5KA4 with this just as something that I should be able to defend myself with at short to medium ranges. The blinding powder would be very helpful in this camping/defending. When opponents are moving toward me, I can hide then jump out and give a quick stun and proceed to finish them off with my Sub Machine gun while my Turret guns them down too. This is an ideal set up for modes such as Power-Surge an Anexation, where you must defend stationary objects.

5. Tank: For the primary, I could use any of the high damage, larger primary weapons. This gives me very high defence while also having a capable offence. This would be most suited to camping/defending or as a VIP with teammates protecting you. This also has faster reloading so the larger more powerful weapons are faster to continue the fight with after running out of shots in the clip. Faster reloading is also helpful for the Sub Machine gun as it helps reload faster to continue shooting at the onslaught of enemies if you are the target in a mode such as VIP.

X. Pwnage: This is basically my favorite guns, while also being very good guns. This loadout gives me maximum damage with Energy weapons and also increases my accuracy and lets me move faster. This is perfect for my run and gun, always on the move playstyle I have developed from playing other FPS's.
GE007:: S]-Elza-[D

User Info: Mac-Leoid

6 years ago#4
Wow Elza your organised. I'm just going to wait till you post the magic combo and use that... just like on GE :)

User Info: ZvolTx

6 years ago#5
Lol Mac your getting c2? Awesome :D

Yeah no problem with the perfect GE loadout thing....

Oh wait... Im not talking to you anymore because of that thread
GE007:: S]-Elza-[D

User Info: chaosgamer99

6 years ago#6
I've never played The COnduit. So I can't answer these questions. But I hope to get it Elza. See ya there?
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See my quote for FC. let me know if you add me! :D

User Info: RareSpycrab

6 years ago#7
I want the turret. I'm not really for camping but it just looks like fun.

User Info: Piedesert

6 years ago#8
Sup Zvolt, It's Badass:

I have no clue what perks I want, or secondary's.

But I do want these 4 primary weapons

* ARC-Eclpise
* Shrieker
* Hive cannon
* Phase Rifle

User Info: ZvolTx

6 years ago#9
Sup Badass. You remember that SANDSLASH* guy we were playing with? Thats ChaosGamer :D

Sandslash, This guy "Badass" or Piedesert was Agent BA. He mostly plays BO now but he is a total beast at archives
GE007:: S]-Elza-[D

User Info: xjack27x

6 years ago#10
wait perfect GE loadout wheres that it?
Rock is dead live long Paper and Scissors. Also FC 495033635661 and dont worry about it.
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