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User Info: Icuras08

6 years ago#11
Well, at least the box-art looks cool enough that it will stand out when people are randomly searching for a game.
Also, it might appeal to those hardcore shooter kidz, and they'll force their mommies to buy it for them.
Give me liberty, or give me pizza pie

User Info: Tottentanz

6 years ago#12
This game will probably be released like RS2 with their advertising budget in the US busted a year early in the US and their budget around release time will be blown on advertising in Europe and Australia.

Was the first game even released in Japan? I dont recall seeing any Japanese sales on the first one.

Yep, this will be considered a sleeper hit to the fanboys, a failure to anyone who only looks at the games that sell over 1 million copies as a success, a tragedy to the hardcore fans of the first one and the voices, and of course a triumph to HVS if it out does the first game when compared in first week sales which of course it will considering its fan base has greatly expanded since then.

If I were Sega or HVS, I would be having serious talks about who ever is in charge of making this game not flop in 2 weeks. Have you noted that most of the C2 vids on youtube have less than 50,000 views? There are even quite a few below 5,000 views. It is sad that not a lot of people are even following C2 right now and even fewer are watching the videos as they come out.

Come on HVS, step up your advertising or at least release some entertaining videos; I am sure you have at least one programmer that can try an attempt at a viral video involving C2.

User Info: AlexJ1991

6 years ago#13
i remember when The Conduit came out i saw commercials on tv. and at the time i really loved the wii and got The Conduit day one. i enjoyed it but wasn't amazed. i know they put effort into making it but i know they could have made it better. but its been almost 5 years since the Wii came out. and most of the hardcore gamers have given up on wii since the conduit. i have not bought a wii game since and i have moved into hardcore PC gaming.
i dont think there is a large hardcore wii fan base anymore. i am keeping my eye out on the conduit 2 and i may purchase it because i really respect HVS for their efforts and i hope they release some great games.
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