Weapon of the Day Redux: Day 13 - Deatomizer Mk 4

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User Info: Tottentanz

6 years ago#11
Slow bolo shot is too overpowered imho. This gun is going to be an annoying corridor shutdown monster with a bolo that can be spammed down a hallway or path that may just be slow enough to span out the bolos making it hard for anyone to get down the path without be killed by bolo spam.

Top this off with knocking down the life bar way low then slapping it into full auto to finish off the job, yeah this is gonna be a gun needing to be nurfed.

Invis? Shoot a bolo down the path you plan to walk to check to see if thins are good.
Someone behind a pillar? Shoot a bolo at it and let the wrap around damage slowly kill the person as you spam the pillar.
Full auto? Specialize in energy blasts and watch your gun tear people apart.

Yeah, gonna go ARC Eclipse primary, and this little beauty as my secondary just for fun.

User Info: The_Shader

6 years ago#12
For all we know, full auto might shoot weaker shots then semi-auto.

And if you fire a charged shot, you'd be left with little left in the clip when you switch to full-auto.... still a decent strategy. But all the ammo in these weapons have been altered greatly.

Capacitor is your friend.

Use it with Deatomizer, and you'll be firing lots of bolo shots rather quickly.
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User Info: maksys

6 years ago#13
Probably second best secondary if noot the first (HVS45 should be a great challenger).

To be honest why the hell is it a secondary ?

7500 cr seems nothing for such a great weapon .
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