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6 years ago#21
If it is what I expect from it...
I could see 700K-800K for the high end.

The gen isn't puttering out, Hype and Pre-launch advertising is not do or die. ( although they will need advertising before long ).
There is plenty of hype left from The Conduit, at least so that people are familiar with the name.
Honestly, most people heard of The Conduit, but heard it wasn't worth buying, but didn't know much in the way of specifics.

All its going to take to get buyers is
"Remember that game The Conduit?
I remember hearing about it.
Well the sequel just came out, and its awesome!"

If it pulls off strong local multi... If you understand the wii, you'll know how much of an impact it will have.
It just has to be good/unique enough for people to want to share it, and BANG it grows.

If only one in every 60 NA wii owners buys it, it will get 700K.
It definitely has that potential.


6 years ago#22
"seriously, is there anything coming out for the wii that is remotely interesting besides this and zelda?"


Two words:

Now that 3DS has launched, It can kinda sustain its own momentum and hype. Nintendo can begin to bring its attention back to the wii again.
We know the wii is not over, Nintendo it seems is not done yet with WM+, as they just announced a new Wii play+
( Which I am excited for if it has a better version of tanks )
This, Plus knowing zelda is coming out supporting WM+, I think we can expect more WM+ games being announced E3, to fuel it, and regain confidence lost to the move.

User Info: ddd87

6 years ago#23
350k lifetime, like the first one. Unless sega does something (like, advertising it!!!), I don't see this game outselling the first.

User Info: PedroMontana

6 years ago#24
"We know the wii is not over"

The Wii can not end before the western release of Dragon Quest X. That will obviously not happen until late 2012.
No More Heroes


6 years ago#25
The funny thing is I used to be about the 360 and Halo and the same for my bro. My brother now moved to the PS3 and anything and everything Sony. I wen't back to my childhood roots and wen't back to Nintendo. Wii has been my only gaming console for a while now and I'm happy to finally have some great FPS like Goldeneye to play. I like exclusive games for Wii and glad to hear HV will most likely not be releasing this game on any other console outside of Nintendo. I was also one of the ones who bought the first game and enjoyed the single player and thought the online was decent when played with friends. I was still let down because I thought it was gonna be better. I have faith in this game and think it will do good. It looks hardcore

I guestimate it will sell a lifetime of 700k or more.
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User Info: Phasmatis92

6 years ago#26
VGChartz should have the number by the 30th, so even if we don't get an official number from HVS or Sega, we can see roughly how close we all were.

User Info: ddd87

6 years ago#27
We shouldn't take Vgchartz numbers too seriously, some times they are almost correct, other times they are like thrice the official number.

User Info: Changlini

6 years ago#28
Lunch-Lady posted...
Issue is that most of the next gen stuff isn't the "leap forward" everyone is looking for. We may be coming closer to the limitations that will be ever present when making games. Seriously some games now look too real.

Honestly, I can't make what I wanted to type not make me look like a censorship maniac. So I'll just type this:

Well, the realism would become a major problem if key factors such as Art Direction, handling, and imagination are taken out of play.
Though, the story with controls can pretty much over rule most of that.
NER , Oh how you haunt me.
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User Info: Phasmatis92

6 years ago#29
"We shouldn't take Vgchartz numbers too seriously, some times they are almost correct, other times they are like thrice the official number."

To be fair, I think they're admirably accurate most of the time, especially considering how many conflicting sources they have to deal with, and when they find they're wrong they admit it and adjust accordingly.

User Info: Tottentanz

6 years ago#30
Considering the VG Chartz do not even have Con2 listed on the America Pre-order charts with a few days to go, I would say week one will be more like 20k US, 10k EU and Australia combined for a total of 30k.

Lifetime has 2 guesses:
Good reception and reviews over time when picked out of bargain bins and resale:600k
Bad reception and used as drink coasters: 300k
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