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User Info: Kirby_Pwns_All

6 years ago#1
Is it just me, or does it seem like Nintendo relies almost exclusively on 3rd party developers to bring new franchises to their consoles? I mean, they came up with some core franchises, stuck with them, and now it seems like they just don't bother to make a new characters appealing to the hardcore audience anymore, relying on 3rd party developers to do that for them. Except that there really haven't been many 3rd party developers doing that. HVS is obviously one of the ones who did, but they're pretty lonely.

Now, I didn't want to use this topic as an excuse to talk about this entirely, but I will at least mention it. Way back at E3 2006, Nintendo showed a game called Project HAMMER. The game looked pretty fun, and was a new franchise. Over time, however, the game's "resources were shifted", and the game never saw the light of day. I'm sure this isn't the only new Nintendo franchise that's been canceled. So I'm wondering: why does Nintendo not branch out more? Honestly, they have the resources to work on core franchises and new ones at the same time. Why leave all of the work for the third parties?


User Info: The_Shader

6 years ago#2
Well.... Nintendo has been doing different things recently.

Team Ninja for the graphical and animation developement of Metroid M ((Good work there, no sarcasm.)) And they are letting a 3rd party team make a new Kid Icarus game.

The problem is that Nintendo doesnt publish any new IP's. No huge projects, ever. They only work with what they 'know' will get them money. Which is first party franchises.
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User Info: PedroMontana

6 years ago#3
New Nintendo franchises this gen:

Another Code/Trace Memory
Wii ...
Fling Smash
Endless Ocean
Zangeki no Reginleiv
The Last Story
Inazuma Eleven
Hotel Dusk
Fossil Fighters
Soma Bringer
Pandora's Tower
Captain Rainbow
Professor Layton

NoA didn't have the balls to bring half of those to America, but i live in Europe where the situation is better. The thing is the problem is NOT that Nintendo doesn't come up with enough new stuff. The problem is NoA's ridiculous localisation policy.

You can impossibly ask for more new stuff then what i listed above from a company with a fanbase that constantly demands sequels to like 20 old franchises.
Nintendo revived Punch Out, Excite ... and Sin & Punishment, yet all people on the Wii board do is whine fo Starfox and F-Zero.
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