Why did Nintendo Power rate it 7.5/10?

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  3. Why did Nintendo Power rate it 7.5/10?

User Info: Numbuh100

6 years ago#1
I know they did not mention multiplayer, but what if they do? Wouldn't they be looking down on this more?
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User Info: John_Aguilera

6 years ago#2

I was dissapointed with this as well.

User Info: Lunch-Lady

6 years ago#3

Have you seen the GT Walthrough vid's? Seriously I think I might have to up my forecast for units sold to 1 million. It looks insane. I think we will see some really good ratings soon.

User Info: Blue_Popo

6 years ago#4
Never trust early reviews, especially those on an online game

User Info: gaby2107

6 years ago#5
Haters be hating, brother!
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User Info: Numbuh100

6 years ago#6
Since the game isn't released yet, I'm assuming that they might reviewed it early but not the entire game and this is wrong to do so.
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User Info: BrownsM1

6 years ago#7
I could care less what kind of reviews it gets. I'll judge the game when I play it like I do with all games.
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User Info: Yo_Yo_Yoshi

6 years ago#8
You can't really say if a game is good just by looking at reviews. The same goes for reading a book or watching a movie. I'm sure this game is better than a 7.5. The reviewers don't give the game justice. I can't wait to get the game because I've played Brawl for quite some time and I'm getting tired of it. It's a good thing this game provides different control schemes to suit the classic FPS player or the motion-control oriented player.
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User Info: Alek64

6 years ago#9
NP is completely biased. They will give less desirable but not bad scores toward lesser known games, but still give a 9 to Mario All-Stars, a port of a SNES game.
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User Info: Th3_Guy

6 years ago#10
My biggest worries about this review are how it affects the sales... The more sales, the more people online to play with at any given time.
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  3. Why did Nintendo Power rate it 7.5/10?

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