Dropping the Ball

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User Info: Tottentanz

6 years ago#11
Ok, its Friday before your game release and nada. Brilliant strategy to talk up a game a year ahead of time, push it back 6 months past its original release date then not even advertise that it is coming out for the general population.

Did HVS see the pitiful sales figures for someone else who did this? Ever heard of Red Steel 2? Great game that dropped the ball on advertisement on release and did not include a mode that every fan was wanting, some sort of online play; the game is great, but playing against a computer gets boring after awhile, and they could have slapped together some sort of cheep fps for online and the fans would have been happy. Imagine an oldwest meets japanese style shooter with revolvers, shotgons, tommyguns, and a rifle; they would not have had to do much other than give us a place to shoot eachother.

Anyway, I applaud your effort HVS, at not advertising this game in hopes that it umm succeeds by being too cool to be advertised that everyone wants it because no one even knows that it was out and is now in a bargain bin or the return pile because no one other than a few hard core fans are playing it a month after its release. This is truly a mind blowing even here.

User Info: Tottentanz

6 years ago#12
VG Chartz


Seriously? C2 isnt even on it. The lowest game on that chart has only 46,732 pre-orders.

C2 doesnt even have 50k pre-orders? At least Red Steel 2 made it pretty high up the chart thanks to pre-order deals with different sellers offering different deals for each even though the codes were posted on day one making the pre-order a moot point.

Does this mean HVS is banking on sales overseas or just regular sales?

User Info: Numbuh100

6 years ago#13
Goldeneye released their commercial like a few days before the release.
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User Info: Changlini

6 years ago#14
Isn't advertising left on the hands of the publisher, not the developer?
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User Info: SafetyFist

6 years ago#15

From: Changlini | #014
Isn't advertising left on the hands of the publisher, not the developer?

this is correct
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User Info: Tottentanz

6 years ago#16
Changlini posted...
Isn't advertising left on the hands of the publisher, not the developer?

Normally, I would agree, but this is HVS's baby and Sega is playing the role of publisher. It has been HVS staff talking up the game and going to all the game sites talking up their game with a Sega guy tagging along. It was awkward watching the Destructoid interview when the Sega rep was giving away prizes for other Sega games while Eric was hyping up Con2.

I understand that Sega shares some of the blame on the lack of advertisement, but this game flopping will hurt HVS more than Sega; one would imagine that even if it is Sega's job to get the name out that HVS would be hounding them to do advertise their game for both their sake.

I just know that HVS could release some inhouse done game trailers and release them for the world to see just to get the name out. How hard is it just to capture an inhouse match and then set it to music that is free and maybe toss in some scripted stuff.

Example: bum rush of one team attacking another to the Flight of the Valkyrie which is a free song for anyone to use.

Perhaps dig around for some fun sound bites in the free bin of soundbites and slap a video together.
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