I Got it !!

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User Info: Ismellliketokyo

6 years ago#1
YES! I walked into a Best Buy far far away and the ladies at the cash register said, " YOU GOT IT" and I said "What do I have?" and they said, "the looks that make us go crazzzy." So, WOOO I'VE GOT THE LOOKS!! Also got myself a brand new toaster and put a picture of the all seeing eye on it to make it a conduit 2 poster.

User Info: SafetyFist

6 years ago#2
not gonna lie this actually made me chuckle a little
a.k.aFlame, Playing: Borderlands (PC)
"Just get your murder on and we'll pretend nobody saw nothin'."- Scooter

User Info: incognito3

6 years ago#3
nice one xD
Oy! Incognito3 or Martian. Leader of TPC. Fan of Selena Gomez and Mr. ShockZz. ( xD )
Sir, Just calm down. Take a Deep breath please.
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