The Number One Conduit 2 Question to ask to a gamer girl. (Dialogue)

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User Info: Ismellliketokyo

6 years ago#1
***April 18th in Morrisville High School's Hallway***

Conduit guy: Hey, Ashley, I.. um...I ..I was just wondering since.. since ... you play alot of videogames and all if.. you heard about the conduit 2?"
Gamergirl Ashley: hey dude ! I am soooo totally looking forward to Conduit 2, like oh my god, its like so much better than the first one!
Conduit guy: (Awkwardly chuckles) So you're playing online right? Well... I was wondering.. if... if I could get your Conduit 2 number? I mean friend code... uh... you don't have to if you don't want... I was just thinking we could talk... using the hella cool new headset... and-
Gamergirl Ashley: Sure! that sounds awesome!!
Conduit guy: really?! .. And uh.. I was wondering if we could play online, like at the same time, and I'm a really off-the-chain player so when you play on my team your score will definitely go up and all.. and.. uh... yeah.
Gamergirl Ashley: Uh... yeah duh if we're talking online obviously we'll be playing together you silly goose.
Conduit guy: Haha, yeah, I knew that I was just saying that to confirm stuff.. and know.
Gamergirl Ashley: Well, the game comes out tomorrow so just give me your conduit 2 code and it'll all be good.
Conduit Guy: Yeah for sure, and uh, haha wouldn't it be cool if we could go through a conduit together and be done with school like in the next second and then like go through another conduit and go an a totally radical adventure?
Gamergirl Ashley: haha sure. see ya
Conduit guy: (awkwardly amiles and waves).
***Next Class***

Super Mario: Dude, that girl in the hallway looked so into you
Conduit guy: yeah, Nintendo's pimp.
Super Mario: You know, poor mario has to go through green pipes while Agent Ford can go through futuristic looking warp holes called conduits. And I've got a game in just about every single sports genre, why not have a mario first person shooter called Super Mario on Duty: Answer to Bowser's Call.


6 years ago#2
For me, it's the opposite.
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User Info: incognito3

6 years ago#3
Ok then.....So where exactly is the question?
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User Info: Ismellliketokyo

6 years ago#4
The question is WHAT Is Your Conduit 2 Friend Code Numba?

User Info: Thechosenwaffle

6 years ago#5
it comes out tomorrow? o_O
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User Info: Th3_Guy

6 years ago#6
Seriously TC what was that incoherent rambling.....
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User Info: UnfoundedVirus

6 years ago#7
it comes out tomorrow? o_O

Look at the very top of his post. It says the date that the dialogue takes place.
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