How does it compare to GoldenEye?

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User Info: FelixTrapper

6 years ago#1
Any experienced GoldenEye player have Conduit 2?

I only want to hear about the online multiplayer.
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User Info: psychobrew

6 years ago#2
I haven't played much online yet, but it's pretty good.

User Info: TKING11

6 years ago#3
I've got it and think the CCP gets screwed in this game. Really how can you hold sprint and move right analog at same time...Really? Graphics can't compare to GE! Also the pick up and okay right now us better on GE. And vote for what mode...seriously? I am giving it a 6/10 and GE is 9/10...IMO!!

User Info: MC_Brian1

6 years ago#4
Never played GE, but this game is ****ing awesome.
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User Info: Icuras08

6 years ago#5
Atlantis is beautiful as heck.

Right now I'm having a hard time with the China boss..

User Info: Solid Sonic

Solid Sonic
6 years ago#6
I'm having woes with the CCP myself. The aforementioned sprint problem plus the fact that sight-aim is a toggle, not something you can snap in and out of by holding down the button.

The fact this game supported the Classic Controller was a big reason I was interested in this installment.

I may see what the game's like with my Wii Remote +, though. I wasn't a big fan of the first game's controls because of rampant weirdness and the lack of refinement compared to Metroid Prime 3's controls.
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User Info: was_bmoc

6 years ago#7
to the person saying you can't hold sprint an move... thats why they have custom button layouts... I use the wiimote/nunchuck, so it was never an issue, however, I did change almost all of the controls... pretty much to match the control scheme from goldeneye.

as for answering the person questions...

I havn't played any online yet, however, I can offer compasion of the controls...

1) in goldeneye, you ahve the ADS button, when you press it, it zooms in, when you release it, it goes back to normal, but in conduit 2, its toggle based, press it once to zoom in, press it again to return to normal.

I feel this is... much worse, but I guess you get used to it, I wish there was a toggle/hold option like I believe there was in GE.

2) I feel GE had more wii mote sensitivity control, allowing you to modify the normal turn/sensitivity controls, and the ADS turn/sensitivity controls seperately.

3) weapons that have alternate fire, do not have the ability to zoom at all, I think they should have made seperate buttons for alt fire and zoom... but whatever... I suppose if you look at it from the perspective that zooming IS the alternate fire its not that bad.

4) zoom doe snot = ADS, GE had a snap on feature, I don't believe its in this game, Im not saying thats a bad thing, but its a difference none the less, and if you relied on it, then you've have some learning to do.

5) C2 has a "spin" command that you can map to a button, which allows you to do a 180 degree spin, this could be pretty useful.

6) C2 has more multiplayer modes in general, including capture the flag. and the invasion mode where you work with your friends to take down swarms of aliens, rather than competeing against other players... its interesting.

7) GE has 8 player matches, C2 is for 12 players.

8) C2 supports the headbanger headset, GE does not, I don't think GE even supported wii speak.

9) you can JUMP in C2, so it feels much less restricting.

well thats what I can think of for now...

C2 is a great game, but GE was too, I think there are some things that GE did better and some things that C2 did better, I don't think either one is better than the other.

User Info: Avatar_Taxidous

6 years ago#8
-No host quitting problems

-It takes a lot more bullets to kill someone, which is refreshing after playing a lot of GoldenEye

-It seems to take a little longer to get into matches, but not much though

User Info: Cali_Zoidberg

6 years ago#9

I'll chime in here for the Pokemon perspective :-)

I've played a lot of GE (lvl. 51 as Zoidberg and then MEOWTH*), and this is considerably slower. Both in the movement and the killing of people. On the plus side, if you want to grind for one solid day, you get the best gun in the game. So there are pluses and minuses.... so far the competition is solid for day 1.

User Info: FelixTrapper

6 years ago#10
Hey MEOWTH . . .

so, is it any fun? I mean, do you see yourself enjoying this as much or more than GE?
"Uwee hee hee! Don't tease the octopus, kids!" -Ultros
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