the aiming style on this is horrific

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User Info: lerrin97

6 years ago#1

im a cod player mostly and have tryed out loads of settings n such i have got past the run speed alright but the one thing which i ruining it is the aiming style when i try to turn it moves then when i center my reticule it just moves back to the place i was facing first when i aim down sight it moves up realy high and is to sensitive when i use the ccp the its aiming at the floor so i have to look up realy high to counter that. has anyone else had these problems and irritations

User Info: Changlini

6 years ago#2
Where is your uh.. .Sensor bar positioned?

Also, if the CCP analogs or like all the others, the stuck on down aiming should be fixed by plugging it off and back on while holding the analog in another direction.
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User Info: lerrin97

6 years ago#3

i did unplug it then back again and the sensor bar is at the top of my tv does anyoen recomend a large dead zone or what to stop it

User Info: John_Aguilera

6 years ago#4

The aiming and overall feel to this game is a lot smoother than the first one.

User Info: Tottentanz

6 years ago#5
Try doing the sensor bar calibration and make sure you are doing it right; I ended up not being able to turn right when I did it wrong.

You cant switch from nunchuck to ccp midgame from what I hear. You need to go to the menu and make sure that it knows what you are using because I am going to guess it was aiming at the floor because your wiimote was similar to fighting the menu on your wii if you are using the ccp to navigate the pointer and the wiimote is pointing at the screen causing it to bounce back to where the wiimote is pointed.

User Info: Invasionleader

6 years ago#6
He is talking about the aim down sights. I use the standard deadzone right now. I also use the wiimote and nunchuck but my sensor bar is at the bottom of my TV. I also have recenter set on.

It took me a few to get used to it as it felt way sensitive. I'm now getting a little better with it and it's fun to headshot from half way across the map. (:

User Info: wiiztec

6 years ago#7
lerrin97 posted...
i have got past the run speed alright

Are you saying it's still slow as ****?
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User Info: psychobrew

6 years ago#8
John_Aguilera posted...

The aiming and overall feel to this game is a lot smoother than the first one.

Except it's not. Default settings, maybe, but the controls don't feel nearly as fast or precise.

User Info: lerrin97

6 years ago#9

the only running which annoyed me is the detonisator thingy its very slow

User Info: Reedeemer

6 years ago#10
well it looks like HVS took out most of the aiming customization because wiiMotion+ is available and it would simplify everything (even though it sucks for those of us that don't have it).
But if you haven't already, do the sensor bar calibration, its in Options>>VideoOptions>>SensorBarCalibration, that should help a bit.
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  3. the aiming style on this is horrific

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