My personal review + comments. Hope HVS_Tony reads.

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User Info: MrFigsworth

6 years ago#1
I spent 9 hours on the game, playing without breaks and with only my 2 liter orange soda and huge bag of doritos. The campaign was an easy 1 day campaign, but when I say easy, I mean only easy in that it took me one day. I played Conduit 1 on Guarded several times and to date have only died at least 1~3 times through the course of it. Conduit 2's campaign however had me die 45 times before I was finished with the ending. The ending of the game is indeed a vast improvement over the previous and makes me crave a Conduit 3, if there ever is (and hopefully there will be) a Conduit 3. I suggest you guys at High Voltage start tinkering now, and make a finished product once Nintendo's new console is released.

On the note of product, I have to say the multi-player is vastly improved, and plays very smoothly... when there's not a lot of people. I experienced a small dose of frame rate lag and actual lag when more than 6 people were in a match, and this was quite annoying, especially in Hardcore mode. The variation in weapons and load outs is very diverse and will ensure that you can always pick up a fresh weapon when you kill someone. On the note of Hardcore, I can say that it is built for the Classic Controller. I have not tried it yet, because I'm waiting to get the classic controller pro, but with the wiimote I did fair, just not great. Regardless of your preference and play style though, it's a lot of fun. We still have the normal lock-on play style for a more relaxed style of play in the none hardcore playlists.

The maps are good, and I like the new voting system, as it kind of reminds me of Gears of War. It also makes it so that players CAN'T choose the same map over and over and over again (the epic streets voting from the last game is no null, which is good because I do like to play on different maps occasionally). I think the only complaint I have about the gameplay, and this is purely because I'm not used to it yet, is iron sights. I have a devil of a time using them with my wiimote, and my guess is I'll just need more practice and time to get used to it.

As far as the campaign goes, it was just the right length for me. The bosses were a good addition, and the one in China was really hard to beat (I did it by shear luck). Adams was not hard and also not a disappointment to me. Far too often I have been killed in FPS final boss fights, and this was relatively easy, and provided easy access to the fantastic ending. I felt a lot of the old Conduit in the story, and this I appreciate. My problem comes from the fact that the voice actors changed. Now the story just feels like a giant joke. I feel like some seriousness could be maintained with the humor if the old Voice Actors returned for Conduit 3, and you wouldn't have to sacrifice the humor.

On a side note, this game won't be for everyone. People will complain and hate on it as they always do. Personally HVS, you shouldn't listen to every fan and try to please all of them because not everyone is going to like the game. Those who complain about the controls or other such things should really just learn to accept that it won't change, especially after 2 games. They can switch to the classic controller if they feel the wiimote is stupid, and that's where they can stay. If they don't want lock on and radar, they can go to hardcore mode and stay there. It's really that simple. Hater's gonna hate.

They can go play their xbox or PS3 and be happy with games they know they like. I really don't understand people.

Overall personal rating:
-Graphics: 4/5
-Story (scannables/behind the scenes [background/sub story]): 4/5
-Story (in your face voice acting and narrative):2/5
-Gameplay: 5/5
-Design: 4/5
+Average: 3.8
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  3. My personal review + comments. Hope HVS_Tony reads.

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