Gametrailers is my most respected source for reviews

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User Info: andizzle29662

6 years ago#1
They get almost all reviews right. I just watch the review for conduit 2 and they didn't smash the game just because it's on Wii. All of the flaws that they mentioned are the ones I'm aware if. But instead of bashing the game, they praise it for what it is. The graphics are good, controls are tight, and there alot of content. And even if you are a multiconsole owner like me, conduits miltplayer is fun. I like the 7.9 score. Do you guys agree with gt review?
Support Nintendo power! Its still a great magazine, and its worth your money!

User Info: King_Of_Harad

6 years ago#2

GTs reviews have been occasionally wild as Gamespots, and IGNs.

But most of the time they come to the same conclusion as me. After fixing the controls (mostly Camera Style) the game is much more enjoyable. I'd say 8.0

But what really annoys me is that I don't think HVS knew what they wanted this game to be. Its got "epic" music, some cool art, but out of no where the story and VA are comical, its like they couldn't decide to have it qwirky like timespliters or have a moreserious conspiracy vibe.I don't think I'm the only one, I miss the more serious conspiracy vibe

User Info: bceagles15

6 years ago#3
^ What I was thinking.

It has all the makings for a cool - if not regrettably generic - conspiracy story, but the VA is terribad and occasionally humorous.
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User Info: Tulki

6 years ago#4
Eh... when a game's focus is on multiplayer but its multiplayer also has framerate issues... that's not very good.
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User Info: SupahShnipa

6 years ago#5
Gamespot and Gametrailers are the only ones I care about. IGN is terrible for reviews.

User Info: Destroyer_Alpha

6 years ago#6
GT's reviews are fairly accurate and quite good. They tell the truth and mostly are not console bias, but they occasionally prefer the 360 over other platforms. They rarely have wild conclusions (one of which is when CoD:MW2 got game of the year, which got everybody up in flames). They're the only good professional reviewers IMO.
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User Info: andizzle29662

6 years ago#7
Support Nintendo power! Its still a great magazine, and its worth your money!

User Info: gojomoso

6 years ago#8
controls are tight except with the CCP... i stopped playing after 1/2 hour due to the crap that is the CCP controls.
is there a way to make the scope button work with just holding the assigned button? or do you always have to double click
and the sprint stinks too (how can you move/look around while holding the sprint button???)

User Info: Avatar_Taxidous

6 years ago#9
Yup GT is a good source for un-biased (or less so at least) Wii reviews.

User Info: Number_34

6 years ago#10
Personally, I like mediacritic and IGN. Mediacritic collects all the major reviews of games and movies and then creates an average score which does a pretty good job of describing what score a game should get.
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