Is this game worth it?

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User Info: eggorofl

6 years ago#1
I've read many conflicting views of others about whether this game is worth it or not during launch day.

Now that 2 days have passed, what are your views on it now?

User Info: SupahShnipa

6 years ago#2
Great MP, meh SP.


6 years ago#3
It's a great game.

I suggest you go straight to hardcore mode
And if you have a mic, try to get as much people with mics
Conduit 2 - The^Neeko
MH3 - Sir Nico (49W5EB)

User Info: Invasionleader

6 years ago#4
Loving this game. It's all I play...even though I haven't had a whole lot of time yet with work and all.

User Info: overlykilled

6 years ago#5
why do you need to know what other people think? just go rent this game for 4-5bucks and decide wheither its buyable, I think this game is a major step up from the first game and i enjoy mutiplayer for what it is, i like it better than even cod maybe?0.0 because in cod you start to care more about having a good kdr than enjoying the game and the game just becomes a chore lol(codpros ned to feel like their godly at somthing thats why they hate tcon)

p.s i like bo for xbox360 because i suck and have like a 0.7kdr because i run around with my soim not saying cod is bad lol
guns don't kill people uhuh i kill people with guns
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  3. Is this game worth it?

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